Anupamaa: Pakhi scares Choti, stating they'll send her to an orphanage when Dimple's baby arrives

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, Pakhi frightens Choti, saying they'll send her to an orphanage after the baby comes.

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Star Plus show Anupamaa has been captivating the hearts of millions with its compelling characters and intriguing narrative. The current storyline focuses on Malti Devi (Apara Mehta), suggesting the marriage of Dimple(Nishi Saxena) and Tapish.

In this episode, Dimple assures Vanraj that her interaction with Tapish (Titu) is innocent. Vanraj, wary of Titu's background, restricts Dimple to attending classes only. Malti Devi notices a high electricity bill, causing concern. Vanraj returns, expressing gratitude to Anuj and Anupama for caring for his parents. Anuj suggests his parents stay longer, but Vanraj feels guilty for neglecting them. Dimple confides in Kavya, anticipating scolding from Baa. Baa and Babu Ji return, and Vanraj apologizes for his absence. Anupama faces Malti Devi's disapproval, defending her decision. Choti expresses her desire to stay with her parents forever. Anupama stands firm on her parents' right to the house. Pakhi instigates Choti, suggesting Anupama will forget her after the baby's arrival. Anupama fiercely rejects Pakhi's insinuations.

In the upcoming episode of Anupamaa, Anuj informs Anupama that he'll take Choti to school and suggests she accompany Dimple to the clinic. Pakhi remarks that Dimple's baby hasn't arrived yet but has become her priority. She tells Choti that their mother will forget her after the baby arrives. Anupama asserts that no mother forgets her children and swears on Kanha ji, warning Pakhi to mend her ways, or Anupama will sever ties with her. Pakhi frightens Choti, saying they'll send her to an orphanage after the baby comes. Choti, scared, seeks confirmation if it's true. Anuj and Anupama react with anger.

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