Anupamaa: Adhik expresses willingness to give Pakhi a divorce

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, Adhik expresses frustration with Pakhi's tantrums and declares he won't talk to her and is willing to give her a divorce.

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Tonight's episode of Anupamaa begins with Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) performing a puja, reflecting on recent issues. She distributes prasad, and Choti expresses her intention to feed milk to her animal friends. Adhik (Adhik Mehta) reveals that he asked Pakhi (Muskan Bamne) to return, but she refused. Anuj suggests that Vanraj should talk to Pakhi as she listens to him. Anupama blames Vanraj for spoiling Pakhi and apologizes to Adhik for Pakhi's behaviour. Adhik expresses frustration with Pakhi's tantrums and declares he won't talk to her and is willing to give her a divorce.

Barkha points out that both made mistakes, but Adhik has changed for the better. Anupama senses more challenges ahead. Pakhi serves tea to Vanraj, and Kinjal and Toshu return home with Pari. The Shah family is overjoyed, and Vanraj plays with Pari. Vanraj questions their sudden return, and Kinjal reveals her father had a heart attack. The family criticizes not being informed, and Toshu suggests they will return in a few days. Anupama sits with her mother, exhausted, and shares Vanraj's request to distance herself from the Shahs.

Anupama's mother advises her not to bear unnecessary burdens for the Shahs, urging her to care for Anuj, Choti, and her own dreams. Anupama expresses her commitment as a mother. Her mother vents about the Shahs' changing moods and encourages Anupama to rest. Bapu Ji notes Toshu's similarity to Anupama. Vanraj insists Anupama can meet them but should invite them to her house. Dimpi and Kavya feel Vanraj is unjust to Anupama.

Anupama is emotional thinking of Samar, and her mother consoles her, emphasizing that children have to live their own lives. Anupama questions why they should distance themselves, and her phone rings. Kinjal tries to feed Pari, and Toshu complains of flight fatigue. Baa scolds Kinjal for giving the phone to Pari. Leela suggests that Kinjal should provide home-cooked food. Anupama brings gifts for Pari, Kinjal, and Toshu. Malti Devi provokes Choti, and the episode ends with Choti asking Anupama if she forgot to bring anything for her.

Precap: Kinjal informs Baa that she will invite Anupama for Pari's birthday and won't cut the cake unless she comes. Anupama tells Anuj she will attend Pari's birthday at the Shah house, defying Vanraj's attempts to stop her from being part of her family's happiness.

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AnupaMaid and her filthy phemli will ensure anyhow that this divorce doesn't happen. By hook, crook or blackmail. Because Paadhik divorce will mean one less gold digger in K Dharamshala which will disrupt AnupaMaid's planning. TamaShahs ke changul mein jo bhi fass Jaata Hai voh kabhi nikal nahi sakta. Only Nandini, Mukku could run away from these shameless shahs as they were fortunately not married to a member of this sadakchaap bhikari clan

4 months ago

Repeat formula
Writer be like ruko zara sabar karo
Sabko mauka milega villian banne ka

4 months ago

Yea nxt what?? After some time adhik will turn negative 🤣

4 months ago

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