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Another girl out of Iss Jungle..

Lady luck is not favoring the girls in Sony's Iss Jungle, and this is clearly evident as yet another girl celeb bows out this week!!

It seems as though there is a jinx with regards to girl participants in Sony's Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao, as after the back-to-back eliminations of Fiza Chand Mohammad and Palak, this week sees yet another girl celebrity bowing out!!

According to our source, "There was a small twist put in this week, when it comes to choosing the two contestants to take part in the Maha Jungle Challenge. Negar Khan was chosen automatically as she was the one who got the lowest junta votes. However, the libery to choose the other contestant was given to Negar, who named Mona Vasu. This caused a big argument amongst remaining contestants, as this only meant that the show will again lose a girl. After much debate, it was decided that all the contestants cast their vote on who they would want to see in the Maha Jungle task. Jay, Chitrashi and Mika were not allowed to be named, as they were new entrants in the show. Chetan Hansraj was also spared of this voting game as he had amassed the maximum votes from junta. This left Marc, Anaida, Akashh, Mona and Aman in danger zone, of which Aman Yatan Verma was chosen to compete against Negar".

Negar who proved to be the lucky charm of Aman's Red Team felt very sad that despite performing very well in the given tasks, she got the least votes. However, close buddy Aman consoled her and even took her t-shirt as souvenir, before she appeared for the Maha Jungle Challenge.

"And lady luck favored Aman yet again, and it was Negar who had to bid good bye to the jungles of Malaysia", informs our source.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


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jann$$ 11 years ago This content is hidden.
-Nadaan- 11 years ago thank god this girl is out i just hate this girl
...*asm@*... 11 years ago i kinda didnt liike i really dnt mind
i jus hope anaida dsnt gt iut...
i want her 2 winnn
Dua143 11 years ago thank God she is out.... i hate this girl :@
wwwroyalmag_net 11 years ago she's great. i want to feature her in my online publication.
-svetalana- 11 years ago OH good that Nigaar is out..I like Aman .A well mannered , sincere and good fellow to stay back..
zinny.xo 11 years ago Aw, I liked her.
Personally, no offence, I wanted Aman to be out!
She's a really nice person and anyone can be emotional. Just because she was emotonal doesn't mean she doesn't belong in such envroment. She came with her choice! Sorry to those who felt offence on reading this, but I mean to harm. Just saying what I feel.
Regardless, I'm sad she's out. She was doing good so far. I wanted to see more of her! Anyways, no one can change it now! Best of luck to the next two contenders facing the next challenge for next week!
i5hy 11 years ago Though i never liked her , i feel bad that she had to leave. She did well in the maha challenge but had to leave cox of bad luck. Hope next one to leave will be akaash :)
pallavi25 11 years ago Hope Akash follows his behnaa out of the jungle next!
rahulcccmuskaan 11 years ago OMG Negar is out...Im kinda feeling bad for her...
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