Another controversial name thrown out of the jungle..

After the eviction of Fiza last week, this week sees yet another controversial candidate bowing out in Sony's Iss Jungle...

Sony's Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao saw one of the controversial queens Fiza Chand Mohammad bowing out last week, and this time it is the turn of her only confidante Palak to move out of the jungles of Malaysia.

According to our source, "Palak aka Gurmeet Kaur celebrated her birthday in a grand manner yesterday when the contestants threw a surprise party for her. However, the girl did not know that she would be evicted from the show the very next day. She had to confront Aman Verma in the Maha Jungle Challenge, and failed to deliver when it needed".

Palak all thro' her journey in the jungle concentrated more on creating arguments and tried to look her sexy best, rather than working harder on the daily tasks given to her.

Wonder what's in store for all viewers in the jungles of Malaysia the coming week!!

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Comments (21)

yeppieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..thank god she was sooo damn bad..hate her!

14 years ago

its not contraversial...we all knew it was coming and im sooo glad that it did!! her and fiza are out...the show is gonna be soooo much better now

14 years ago

Its good that she is out!!!!I hated her!!!!

14 years ago

@ShellyB- oh cool, i never noticed that

thnx for article
im kinda glad she's gone

14 years ago

FINALLLYYY!! i hated herr... and the last part of the article.. so true.. how she nly created arguments since day 1. she was a BIG negar shud go .. but their gna keep her in the show for ENTERTAINMENT :P

14 years ago

OH GOOD! Now Akash shd follow her! He shd be the next one to go! Hes getting on everyone's nerves!

14 years ago

thanks for this good news.palak is out of the show.good.

14 years ago

ahaan so majority chose to save chetan!! neways shes funny in a annoying way but still quite funny... lols i just noticed she was the bride in that song from Singhh is kingg "tenu dulha ki banaya bhoontni ke" lols

14 years ago

yipeeeeeeee.........I am sooooooo happy :-)))

14 years ago

yessssssssssssssssss............m sooooooooo happyyyyyyyy

14 years ago

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