Ankit Gera unhinged on cars

Ankit Gera aka Adarsh of Star Plus' Pratigya goes gaga over cars, and lets out a fact that he changes it every year

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Have you ever seen a car freak who remembers the car numbers? If no, we have one in our telly land. Read on to know who it is?

Ankit Gera, popularly known as Adarsh Saxena of Star Plus' Pratigya, is so much crazy about cars that he changes the model every year. Surprised?

We spoke to Ankit to know about his gaga on cars and he says "Yes I am a complete car freak and I change my car every year. My first car was Maruti 800 in which I learnt my driving when I was in 7th standard. I used to ask one of my older friends to come early in the morning around 5:30 and teach me. And once it so happened that I ordered my driver to let me drive the car and ended up four cars at one go".

"Now I possess a Honda Accord and I am confused between Audi and BMW as my next choice." Ankit adds.

Does he remember the cars he had bought? "Before Accord I had a Scoda Octavia, and before that it was Lancer, then Honda City and the list goes on and I do remember them. I even remember the numbers of the car because I choose my favorite number" clears Ankit.

Speaking about his family reaction, he says "Since I am the single child, dad is really cool about it but mom has a problem."

Well, we hope Ankit gets his new possession very soon!!

Reporter and Author: Saranya Valsarajan


Ankit Gera Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya  Star Plus 

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televisionfan 10 years ago man...wat a freak...is he mad or sumthin...every year....waste of money!!!! no offence pls...
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taral83 10 years ago i have a audi.......its a really good car! it has a lot of options and freshness, hope u pick that one.....
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sallu_lover 11 years ago cant wait for the movie to release
and wishing her all the best
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dmgSallu 11 years ago go katrina!!!! i really like her! she really does work hard! n goes to show practice makes perfect! shez deffo gna be a great actress! wish her all the luck!!! x
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-Sneha 11 years ago Even I didn''t really like Katrina in terms of acting.... I mean yeah she sure is one of the most beautiful and everything but her acting sometimes was a bit pffff.... really looking forward to this one, lots of hope on this one koz that girl''s got potential, just needed someone to guide her....
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-AMIGAIL-LOVER- 11 years ago She is an amazing actress and she well show everyone taht she can play different kinds of role i am sooo exited for Rajniti! Kat is goign to show everybody that she can play all roles she is teh best and i am sooo proud of kat she is dammm hard working and she is one of them who really works hard! i cant wait for all ehr movies this year i am exited abot all the 7 and speiclelly Rajniti and New York kat you are too goood and you are an awesome actress u well rock in Rajniti luv yaaa!
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-Mystery- 11 years ago Finally... I have been thinking that she''s pretty and all but not with much acting talent. So looking forward to this one now.

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styleislife13 11 years ago Hard Work pays off...no doubt abt that...
On my waiting list of filmz to see
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colling 11 years ago wow...she is truly working hard..i hope she succeeds
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josh135 11 years ago hmm...i thought she was only beautiful..her acting is like blah blah.. i liked her acting in namastey london but obviously she suited the role coz it was her type....but now im seeing her new movie new york trailers and hearing about rajniti i think shes becoming a fine actress keep it up kats!!!
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