Angad talks about his Mrs. Right..

Finally, we get to know the secret that Angad Hasija had been hiding from the world!! Here is the actor as he talks about his wife and his marriage..

We had earlier reported that the Bidaai star, Angad Hasija will be bringing his so-far hidden lady love to the limelight thro' a party to be thrown on his birthday on 31st May. But unfortunately, the party could not happen due to certain personal reasons, but the news is now out that Angad, who has been a 'Dream Boy' of many a girls is in fact married for the past two years!!

Talking about his marriage and wife, Angad tells Telly Buzz, "I have been married for the last two years. Her name is Parnit, and we call her Pari. Actually in our family, we get married at an early age. Mine was an arranged marriage".

When asked about the reason to keep his marriage a secret, he states, "I had promised my wife that I would introduce her to the world when I achieve some sort of success in life. With Bidaai doing so well and after gaining all the recognition, I felt this is the right time to talk about her".
Angad's wife is a Physiotherapist by profession. "Another reason for staying away from her was that I was busy with my career. She was also completing her studies; so we planned to keep our relationship a secret".

Ask him whether the fact that he is married will now affect his female fan following, and Angad is quick to answer, "I am now very well connected with my audience, so I don't think there will be any problem", adds the actor.

Talking about the reaction of his co-stars, unit members and close friends, Angad quips, "They were all shocked when I gave them the news. At the same time, they were very excited and happy for me".

Well, we can only say that with this revelation, begins a new chapter in the actor's life!!

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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For all the people who called Angad's wife ugly - its a very rude thing to say to someone and I am sure you guys are not beauty queens yourselves!!!

Secondly everyone has the right to live their life the way they want so LIVE and LET LIVE!!!!!

Thirdly, CONGRATULATIONS!!! to Angad and Pari.

14 years ago

congrats 2 him... 2 yrs. wow he knw hw 2 keep a secret....even his co star got 2 knw so late.

14 years ago

His acting is good, he makes everyone fall in love with his character that's good he got his own private life...but being in public need to hide his marriage for 2 years...nevermind all the best to the couples hopes their marriage last for ever.....

14 years ago

WHAT!!!!!hes married for two years!!!!!my god....and no one even came to know!!!!!but anyway6....good for him!!!

14 years ago

no offence his wife is really ugly but bless them both

14 years ago

ohh ma god.. angad........... :) :)

yeaah its okie.......
we too r happy for u.... :) :) n wishin u all success in life....

14 years ago

what was the need to hide about his marriage.....for popularity sake people can do anything...

14 years ago

lolz.such a shocking news....thanx.......

14 years ago


thanks for this

wishing both angad and pari all the best for they married life and they careers too


14 years ago

its very clear tat its jus 2 get women fan followin....
but wat reason he gve..
strange thin is ppl r stupid 2 trust him..

14 years ago

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