Ananya Panday on infidelity portrayed in 'Gehraiyaan' & lessons she has learnt

Panday opened up on cyberbullying, infidelity in Gehraiyaan and lessons learnt in the industry so far in an at-length interview.

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It might have only been three years since actor Ananya Panday made her debut but she has already starred in an array of successful and interesting films. One of the most-talked about ones from that list has been the recently released, Gehraiyaan where she co-starred Deepika Padukone, Siddhant Chaturvedi and Dhairya Karwa.

In a recent at-length interview with ETimes, Panday opened up on cyberbullying, infidelity in Gehraiyaan and lessons learnt in the industry so far. Panday said, "I have a digital social responsibility, ‘So Positive’, which is awesome. It works towards creating a safe space on social media and a kinder environment. It began with addressing cyber bullying because I felt like it's such a prevalent topic, in our generation especially. So much of our lives has moved to social media and the digital space. There's so much negativity, trolling and this cancel culture. I felt like no one was talking about all of this. So my initiative was meant to start a conversation. And now, it's gone into the space of spreading kindness and being a good person. It all about being So Positive."

About her personal views about infidelity portrayed in Gehraiyaan, she said, "Honestly, the kind of person that I am, I emphasise a lot on loyalty and trust. So I don't think I would be okay with cheating. But, with this film, we’ve learned that we shouldn't be judgmental, if we don't know everything about a situation. So I would like to believe that I wouldn't know how I would react unless I'm in the situation. But if you asked me straight up, I would not be okay with it."

When asked about a lesson she has learnt from previous films, she said, "I think the emphasis that Shakun Batra put on preparation before we started 'Gehraiyaan', we almost had 10 days of workshop for all of us, not just me alone. We had workshops together, we would have table reads. We'd have acting workshops, we'd have intimacy workshops, and Deepika was doing all of these as well even 15 years after she's been in the industry. Because as an actor, you have to keep learning and you have to keep growing. That's something that I want to take away from this film, which is the emphasis on preparation."

Panday has multiple films in her kitty already where she will be seen in Liger and Kho Gaye Hum Kahan.

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