An emotional moment on the sets of Veera....

Little kid Harshita made everyone emotional on the sets when she started crying with her Chaaiji thinking how much she will miss all of them…

Beyond Dreams' popular show Veera is all set to take a leap. We all are surely going to miss the innocence and love of the kids shown in the show which touched everyone's heart.

While, the shoot for the post leap sequence is going on in Delhi, the kids recently had their last day of shoot at their set in Mumbai which turned out to be a very emotional moment for all.

As per our source, "Recently the team had their last indoor shoot at their sets. When Harshita got to know that it's their last day on the sets, she started crying hugging her Chaaiji (Shagufta Ali). It was a very emotional moment for all and seeing this, everyone present on the sets became very emotional and cried a lot."

When we spoke to Harshita she told us, "I cried because I was not feeling good. I will miss all of them very much."

Harshita's mom Reema told us, "Nobody ever expected that Harshita will cry as she always used to ask me that when the show will end so that I will get time to play. After knowing that it's her last day of shoot on their sets, she started crying holding Chaaiji which made Chaaiji cry also. Seeing this all other co-stars including Bhavesh Balchandani and the production guys joined in and they too started crying. They used to do lots of masti together and they will miss each other very much."

We tried contacting Bhavesh but he remained unavailable to comment.

Well, we will miss them too!

Anwesha Kamal


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MrDarcyfan 6 years ago I already miss those kids so much. I loved them. I hope they come back in some other show in the future!! They were amazing!
Serena.V 6 years ago Keep up the acting you little talented girl i will miss you on screen hoping to see more of you in the furture
ida26geet 6 years ago Yes the viewers will also missed our lovely Ranveera
ShadeOfWhite 6 years ago gonna miss these two talented kids a lot...Allah bless them...long way to go bacchas :)
_Manali_ 6 years ago will miss you a lot Harshita & Bhavesh
spring22 6 years ago Great photo of Harshita and Bhavesh. Miss them both & all the other children in Veera! Only show I have watched regularly and enjoyed. Wish there were more shows based on children than saas bahu serials! Many good wishes for their future!
jnawaz 6 years ago hands down the best and most talented kids on indian tv...they really held their own and carried the show...you didnt even need the drama between the adults...i hope to see them soon...and praying they have a bright future
serendipity235 6 years ago Amazingly talented kids especially Harshita. Have lost count of the times they choked me up with their simple, heart-breaking love. May God bless them with health, happiness and success throughout their lives.
mandy0310 6 years ago Awww, will miss the child actors they are so talented. Wish them the best!!
ukgal62 6 years ago Aaawww... I'm really gonna miss these talented kids, wishing them all the best for their future, very sad not being able see them on a daily basis though2013-11-20 21:43:44
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