An Emotional moment for Pritam

A truth that made Pritam sob like a kid, on the sets of Voice of India - Chhote Ustaad. Get to know details here...

Published: Friday,Dec 21, 2007 09:16 AM GMT-07:00
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Pritam is always known to have serious looks, yet a calm personality. But he was seen breaking into tears for the first time when Jayant Singh (Contestant No. 11) performed during the shoot in this Friday’s episode of Amul Voice of India – Chhote Ustaad in Star Plus. What made him cry like a baby? Was it the contestant performance or any other reason? Well, it all happened when to everyone’s emotional shock, Producer-Director Gajjendra Singh played an AV disclosing Jayant’s losing eyesight.

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The AV shook everyone on the sets since Jayant never let it disclosed to other participants or judges that he had this health issue. Kunal and Shreya, the other two judges of the show were equally disturbed to hear this, but they all went up to him and admired his courage and strength in always behaving like any other normal healthy child.

To everyone’s surprise, this all did not affect Jayant’s performance. He came to the limelight once again when he stumped everyone with his vocal skills by singing “Main Jahaan Rahoon” in his melodious voice.

Pritam was seen choking up even during his performance, but immediately after listening to him, Pritam was seen sobbing uncontrollably. “Did I make a fool of myself,” was Pritam's first reaction after the episode was canned.

Pritam also showed his gesture on the sets by announcing that he would make all the 12 participants sing a song in his upcoming animation film, “Kutty Chetan”.

With these reality shows coming on air, the viewers get an opportunity to admire the young little stars, who also become an inspiration to many aspiring young kids.

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desi chic
desi chic 15 years ago @ Adi... Jayant is losing his vision. His number is at 11 I think they said and unfortunately, his eyes for some reason cannot be operated on until he is at least 20 years.

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nimrah 15 years ago It was pretty sad. Poor Jayant...but there was no need for Star to show this...
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maha786 15 years ago This content is hidden.
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advil 15 years ago He should not have highlighted on this and brought it out like this. Can't he think beyond TRP's and votes???

Jayant can still see. Then why bring out such a sensitive issue and attract public attention ?
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buttercup 15 years ago i jus saw the promo of it..very touching..
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*Jaya* 15 years ago This must be a very emotional moment...

But - I really do not see why the personal aspects of these contestants need to be highlighted so much in all these reality shows...

In the other show, we have seen Vasundhara getting the benefit of a physical disability more than once... Is Chhote Ustaads going the same way?
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Opti 15 years ago Hope this is not one of those stunts to get the trps up. Zee has this talent show for kids where one of the girls has impaired vision. Hope Star is not trying to compete with that by showing the AV about Jayant. And just imagine this poor boy's feelings if he is trying to lead a normal life and his ailment is portrayed on T.V. for all to see and sympathise. Sympathy is something people with such physical problems do not like.

I hope it does not affect his performance and he remains his cheerful self. the boy needs to have his spirits high and he is doing a pretty good job of it without such insensitive interference.

And channels should act more responsibly. This is a music talent show and not a show to showcase people's personal traumas.
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advil 15 years ago What exactly does that mean? can he see now and won't be able to see in future or he can't see now also? Sorry,did not understand.

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twinky3 15 years ago aww...

“Did I make a fool of myself,” was Pritam's first reaction after the episode was canned.

does this mean it was a stunt by him not true emotion?
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