Ambika's return to spice up the wedding drama in Uttaran!

Sankrant and Kajri’s wedding to witness a drama created by Ambika in Colors’ popular show Uttaran.

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As the wedding of Kajri (Arti Singh) and Sankrant (Varun Toorkey) is round the corner in Film Farm's popular show Uttaran on Colors, a huge wedding drama is all set to happen in the forthcoming tracks of the show.

The auspicious day for Sankrant and Kajri has arrived when the duo will tie the knot but with Ambika's (Vividha Kirti) return, it seems all their happiness will go in vain.

Our source informed us, "Sankrant is getting married to Kajri as Meethi (Tina Dutta) wants them to get married so that they can lead a happy life ahead. Ambika comes back to their life on their wedding day and she will create a huge drama on the day. She will claim that Sankrant still loves her and she will ask Kajri not to marry him and she will put all her efforts to break this wedding. Meethi will get to listen a lot from Kajri as she will blame Meethi for making this bad decision and she will walk away from there."

When contacted Tina, she said, "Meethi wants Sankrant and Kajri to get married but Ambika lands up there and now the viewers will have to wait and watch whether this wedding will happen or not."

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Anwesha Kamal


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-Sud- 6 years ago I am not shocked ! Everyone knows that this evil lady will be back to spoil everyone's life
nitrit95 6 years ago wow this endless weddings serial still on i realy forgot who wed who
purvim 6 years ago band karo na ab sar pakana aur uttran ki uttran
Rishi_ 6 years ago oh god the crap is still running with 1.1 trp.

cant believe colors. LOL:)

When shows like udaan are getting 2.6 trp why is this crap still on air??
seriously colors obsession with this nonsense show should end now.
band karo ye bakwas show.
Really unfair with BI. they could have ended this crap and replaced it with BI.
colors gone nuts. :)2014-09-26 14:49:35
Areesha566 6 years ago what!!!!!
uttran abhi tak chal raha hai?
Plz end this crap
tinafans 6 years ago Uttaran seriously Suckz plz end this seerial..Now Plz end this Crap.. Want Tina Dutta in a n new show
Destinyhope0305 6 years ago y can't they just end these serials. !!!!!

loveyouichcha 6 years ago Love u tina datta, keep rocking as meethi
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