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'Amber Dhara did Click' - Sulagna Panigrahi and Kashmira Irani

Amber Dhara talk about their recently ended show

Published: Monday,Apr 28, 2008 22:44 PM GMT-06:00
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In a frank interview with Telly Buzz, Kashmira Irani and Sulagna Panigrahi take on Sony's assertions that Amber Dhara was not a very popular show..

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How do you feel now that Amber Dhara has gone off air?

Kashmira Irani: Life is all about change but it's sad that such a popular show has ended. I never really understand the concept of TRPs, for the response which we got were always so positive. Even the ardent viewers want to know the reason why Amber Dhara was taken off air..

Sulagna Panigrahi: Even if we go by TRP mantra, the channel was responsible, for we were the number one show on Sony at the 9 pm slot. They pushed it to 9.30 pm knowing very well that our core audiences are kids. To make matters worse they then further rescheduled it to 8.30 pm without properly informing the public of the time change. For some reason, the channel stopped publicizing our show. Initially we were plastered all over the place.

There were talks of things not going well between the production house and the channel?

Both: I am sorry but we have no clue about that. Kindly take this up with the two concerned parties.

Does this mean that something unique is a No-No on TV?

Kashmira Irani: Like I said above, Amber Dhara did click. We had a completely different concept. No other Indian film or TV show has dealt with conjoined twins. The public fully identified with the troubles the girls faced when they were forced to join the circus. Similarly when Amber went to jail, our fans were worried as to why Dhara should have to pay for her sister's actions.

Was the operation theme justified given that initially the doctor had said that Amber will die if the separation procedure was undertaken?

Both: The show had to be given a logical end. And the public would not have liked if either of us had died. As for the doctor's advice, don't miracles happen?

Will you guys work with Sony again?

That depends on the story and project. Anyways, we actors have to deal more with the production house, rather than the channel. But we have to admit that Sony has a habit of taking off shows at the drop of a hat.

What next?

Kashmira Irani: We have a contract with Swastik films till August next year. Personally I would prefer to do something completely different. I would love to take part in reality talent shows. But it will be better if it is dancing for I can sing for nuts. Would it not be fun if we both could take part as a team? Two girls shaking a leg will be quite interesting to watch.

Sulagna Panigrahi: I need a break. Also I have to go to Delhi for my exams. Personally, I want to avoid the usual family drama stuff. The public wants to see me as a bahu though.

Any Bollywood aspirations?

Kashmira Irani: I am a big bollywood buff. I would be happy to play strong characters. As for running around trees, I have no issues. But I will not wear short clothes. SRK has been my idol since childhood. I really love his work and the fact that he too began from TV, makes me love him further.

What do you say about the freedom you have got to live separately now?

I agree, it will be physically more comfortable. But having said that, we have come very close to each other and I don't think any two girls would have been able to work together in tandem like we did.

Would you want to be known by your real names or by Amber Dhara ?

Sulagna Panigrahi: My name is quite complicated, so I would be happy to be called Dhara. On a more serious note, it's matter of pride to be associated with such a great project. I hope years down the road, folks will still remember us as the conjoined twins.

Any message to your fans?

Thank you, Thank you Thank you. It was your love and support which has made Amber Dhara reach it current cult status. Tell me who does not know about our show.

Author: Anil Merani

Kashmira Irani Sulagna Panigrahi

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maheen55 14 years ago realy aap ne sahi kaha amberdhara ko ab khatam nahi hona cheie tha.anyways best of luck forr ur exams dhara.ans amber i love to watch u soon in realty shows or other serials.or dhara ko bhi as bahu
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TrustYourSelf 14 years ago Thanks for the article!

Hmm sadly the show ended after 7-8 months already..
Will miss it a lot!
Hope to see them soon in more soaps..they are soo talented!

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memsaab 14 years ago Good that the show ended. Frankly I loved the show but I think instead of making it a chewing gum, better end it sweet and short.

I loved both the girls, Dhara more than Amber though. Hope to see them soon in another show.
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Malajiji 14 years ago Soooooooo Sad the show has to end..
I will Amber / Dhara for sure..
Wish all the best and hope to see them in a new show very soon.
Good Luck with the exams in Delhi,.
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cameroon16 14 years ago I miss them so much already
good luck for the future to both of them
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talkativetaurus 14 years ago all the best Amber-Dhara .. its sad tht the shw has ended :((
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brainychild92 14 years ago ill miss u amberdhara..kashmira sulagna.....good luckk in the future and break a leg on ur exams
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