Amar and Pooja fight continues...

The ongoing battle between the two will heat up in tonight's episode as they continue to be at loggerheads...

Seems like the never ending fights and the usage of foul language were a part of the contract to get an entry into the Bigg Boss house this season. The viewers are already finding it difficult to gulp down the series of fights that have erupted between Amar Upadhyay and Pooja Misrra and if the situation continues, this war is least likely to end. 

A source says, "Yesterday Pooja Misrra accused Amar Upadhyay for pushing her during the Military task which led to a scratch on her hand. Pooja still accuses him for not apologizing for what he did. She also complains about him by saying that he does not have the guts to apologize to a girl. Following this she removes her bangles and asks him to wear them."

Well, seems like the mardaangi of Amar is being questioned here. Time to play a new card Amar?

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Saranya Valsarajan


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sipdip 8 years ago Amar is playing it well by staying calm and not jumping into each and every cat fights. Anyways, noone listens to anyone and for footage they are willing to do anything so the best thing is to do is - keep quiet and stay calm. Sid and sky even tested his patience today by instigating him but he answered them well and did not loose his cool
Faraan92 8 years ago Lolz.. Amar is really a Pavitra Sissy..:D2011-11-03 12:55:25
cute14us28amy 8 years ago haha this is too funny...PM aap pehle bangles pehno aur aurat bano...baad mein kisi mard ko salah dena...lol...BE A WOMAN FIRST PSYCHO!
Teeya 8 years ago is puja misra ko game se nikal kar fenk dena chahiye bilkul ganda kida hai juhi such kahe rahi hai bilkul third class lady hai.
--Princess-- 8 years ago This show needs to be closed down. Period.
SweetSona2010 8 years ago Poor Amar! Pehle toh itna bahadur ban raha tha aur ab toh pura bhigee bili bangaya hai! lol!
Pooja's dialogue was really funny - "Aap Mihir Virani ho naa...saare Saas-bahu ke baap"! lol! :)

Aur Sid usko toh Mahek aur Pooja Mishra ne chup kara diya tha ab Sky aagaya hai aur uske saath hai toh yeh parinda toh kuch jyaada hi phad phada raha hai.

Aur Sky toh pura junglee hai...women ko respect nahi karna aata usse. Unse thik se baat bhi nahi kar sakta yeh! huh!

Pooja Mishra has a lot of guts! The way she handled Sky that day was just amazing! BUT the girl misunderstands others a lot & picks up fight very soon.
Sadia.khan 8 years ago PM yeh bangles jaa ke sid aur SKY ko do.. They need them...
yipee 8 years ago lol she gave him bangles...thats hilarious
sarasingh86 8 years ago wow...my eyes can't believe this. is she giving him bangles
pria4ever 8 years ago this just gets better...way to go Mishra babes ;)
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