Amandeep Sidhu reveals being disappointed and heartbroken with Chashni going off-air

Amandeep Sidhu reveals how she was disappointed when her show Chashni was pulled down.

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Amandeep Sidhu, known for her previous role in Star Plus' 'Chashni,' is set to take on the female lead role in an upcoming Star Bharat show titled 'Saubhagyavati Bhava.' The actress, brimming with excitement about her new project, engaged in an exclusive conversation with India Forums. During the interview, Amandeep also expressed her disappointment when 'Chashni' was discontinued by the channel.

In the discussion about how she came to be a part of the new show and her initial reaction, Amandeep shared, "I received a call about the show while I was in Delhi. To be honest, I had been actively seeking a good project after the way 'Chashni' concluded; I felt deeply disappointed and disheartened because I had put my heart and soul into that show. However, in life, every experience teaches you something valuable. After 'Chashni,' I knew I was on the lookout for a strong project. When I was approached for this show, I initially thought it might not materialize, that they were simply discussing it and asking me to audition. But, deep down, I truly wanted it to work out. After auditioning, they liked my performance and invited me to Mumbai. It was during a mock shoot that I discovered Dheeraj Dhoopar would be my co-star in the show."

As Amandeep embarks on this new journey, we extend our best wishes to the talented actress. May her upcoming venture bring her success and fulfillment.

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