Aman Verma enters Namak Haraam..

The track in REAL TV's Namak Haraam will take an interesting twist with the entry of Aman Verma in the lives of the protagonists..

Starting this Thursday, REAL's Namak Haraam takes an exciting turn with the entry of Rohit Malhotra into the lives of Karan and Swati! Tune in this Thursday, May 14th at 8:30 pm to watch the entry of popular television anchor and actor Aman Verma in a very dynamic role in Namak Haraam only on REAL.

Says Aman Verma about his entry in the show, "I am absolutely delighted to be a part of Namak Haraam. The character I play on the show is very different from what I have done earlier, which makes it even more exciting for me. Namak Haraam has received lot of appreciation from viewers and with the entry of my character the show will take an interesting new turn!"

Rohit Malhotra was a dear friend of Karan (Sachin Tyagi) during their college days. They lose touch when Karan goes abroad to pursue his higher studies. Never serious about his career and life, Rohit's only philosophy is to have fun. He flirts with girls, picks up fights and bullies other people!

One day, while he is at his usual antics, he troubles an innocent girl. Swati (Narayani Shastri) comes to the girl's rescue and slaps him. This opens up his eyes! Not only does he change as a person, but he falls in love with Swati. When Swati sees this change, she befriends him and they start spending time together.  Rohit thinks that Swati likes him, but she just considers him to be a good friend. How does he react when Swati introduces him to her husband who is also his old friend Karan? Does he feel cheated and rejected? Is he heartbroken and devastated? Does he get over Swati and move on gracefully or will he destroy her life?

Rohit is back with a bang, in their lives! And this time, he has a serious agenda! Tune in to Namak Haraam, this Thursday at 8:30pm only on REAL and find out what Rohit has in mind!

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just saw the serial is really good..must see

14 years ago

I just hope he doesn''t turn evil in the show later on!!

14 years ago

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