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All The Latest Updates of BB13!

Here are the latest updates of Bigg Boss 13...


Bigg Boss 13 finale has been going strong with lots of entertainment and anxiety. 

Here are the latest updates of Bigg Boss 13:

Vishal Singh Aditya and Madhurima Tuli perform together

Vishal Singh Aditya and Madhurima Tuli, had a love hate relationship in the show. Their equation for each other was so disturbed that Madhurima Tuli was evicted after she hit Vishal with a pan and broke the rules of the show.

The duo, who swore to never see each other again, performed together where they portrayed their khatta meetha equation to their viewers once again.

Salman Khan kisses the lizard

As the contestants of Katron Ke Khiladi arrived with Rohit Shetty, they brought a friend with them for Salman to kiss.

Bigg Boss finalists become Khatron Ke Khiladi; Rashami Desai evicted

Bigg Boss top 4 met Rohit Shetty and the participants of Khatron Ke Khiladi. The contestants were asked to perform a task where they had to be in a box full of mice. Shehnaaz Gill showed her antics during the task as she is terrified of the mice. The task of the by the rest where the boxes revealed that Rashami Desai has been evicted from the show.

Rashami and Sidharth perform together

The actors who have worked together on two shows have had an on off relationship. The duo performed on 'Ang Lagade Re' together potraying their yin-yang relationship. It showed the dynamics of their relationship that we all know of with a romantic performance in front of the cameras and a rivalry off screen.

Shehnaaz Gill Evicted

Afer an intense week of anxiety and excitement, we finally have the top two. Shehnaaz Gill has been evicted leaving Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz.

Sidnaaz Performance

Sidnaaz being major goals from the show. Even though the duo did not have a romantic relationship, they still were the best of all the couples Bigg Boss 13 had. Post Shehnaaz's eviction, they had an amazing and absolutely cute performance together which left us all in awe. Arti sharma also appeared in the performance adding a twist to it. Sid also appeared in a Punjabi avatar complete with a beard and outfit.

They gave SidNaaz fans enough content to last for a few years

Asim and Sidharth Perform

Asim Riaz and Sidharth Shukla performed together to show a visual of the vying they have for the winning trophy.

Top Two

The top two finally came out of the house as they turned off the light before making an exit. The winner was annonced a few minutes after.

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