Ali Fazal & Richa Chadha's busy schedule postpones parenthood discussions, name game still on hold

Richa Chadha recently opened up on not being able to decide baby names yet.

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Ali Fazal & Richa Chadha's busy schedule postpones parenthood discussions, name game still on hold
Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha

Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal, beloved Bollywood couple, are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their first child, expected in July. Despite the imminent joy of parenthood, Richa remains grounded, sharing insights into her pregnancy journey.

In a recent interview with News 18, Richa expressed her calm approach to impending motherhood, focusing on practical planning upon learning the news. Adjustments were made at home to accommodate the new addition, though the reality of pregnancy truly sank in after a week.

While Richa savours the success of her recent film, Heeramandi, Ali Fazal is busy filming in Delhi for Mani Ratnam's Thug Life. 

Amidst their bustling schedules, the couple has yet to discuss baby names or prepare for their new chapter. Despite the whirlwind of preparations, Richa maintains a relaxed demeanor, finding solace in watching true crime documentaries. She emphasizes the importance of addressing suppressed emotions and everyday stress, acknowledging the need for self-care amidst her busy schedule. 

Talking about the same she said, “We haven’t discussed names yet! We haven’t had the time. I was so busy with Heeramandi and some production work before that. And Ali has been shooting non-stop. We’re looking forward to finding some time for ourselves soon and that will be a good time to reset and look at the home environment."

While Richa remains dedicated to her work, she deliberately steers clear of social media, recognizing its potential to overwhelm. 

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Heeramandi is a series not a film

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