Alekh to get lost in the jungle...

Angad Hasija who plays Alekh in Bidaai will get lost leading to some high drama in the show...

Another twist is in store for viewers in Rajan Shahi's Bidaai!! Alekh-Sadhana and Ranveer-Ragini who have been enjoying their trip in Kerala will have to go thro' a shocker when Alekh (Angad Hasija) gets lost in the jungle.

The present track shows that Vasundhara Rajvansh (Seema Kapoor), mother of Alekh and Ranveer is worried and prays for the well-being of her son Alekh, as this is the first time he has gone out of the house.

And this is where the couple who play the cameo, Anupam Bhattacharya and Payal Nair come into the picture. Says Payal, "Alekh who gets lost, is standing before our house and we bring him in. We provide him all the comfort, feed him with food and also get to know that he is mentally challenged. We try talking to him the whole night and somehow get to know where his family is put up in Kerala. The next morning we take him to the resort and this is how Sadhana, Ranveer and Ragini unite with Alekh".

Anupam and Payal play Madhavan and Gayathri, an extremely close couple. "There will be a change in the way Alekh sees Sadhana after he meets us. As for him, he calls his wife as a 'Dost' and when he sees us bonding so well, he realizes that there is much more meaning to being a couple", adds Payal.

"The couple will invite their guests for a typical Kerala lunch at their home, and this is where the four of them bond with us even more. Though the whole journey is only for a night and the next morning, it was indeed splendid. We gift them a houseboat drive which they enjoy to the core. We also gift them with the typical Kerala attire 'Mundu Veshti' which they wear", concludes the actress.

So Alekh fans, keep glued!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Angad Hasija

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thank You

Wow Love will most deffinately be in the air for Sadhna and Alekh

15 years ago

oh wow... looking forward to it!


15 years ago

lookign 4ward to the epi
hope to c more salekh scenes

15 years ago

i wonder how he will realise instantly the meaning of couple just in one night may b new couple,s chemistry is better then ragni and ranvir lolzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!

15 years ago

sounds good
Alekh looks cute in mundu vesthi

15 years ago

OMG.... this is sooo exciting i wonder how Alekh n Sadna''s relationship will change now... i hope they bond more!

15 years ago

Here is an unexpected but surprisngly pleasing twist....can''t wait

15 years ago

Wow..nice and interesting twist.....looking forward for it

15 years ago

sounds good yar

15 years ago

Very the story is moving on.....we can see many change in Alekh.....that''s awsome...

15 years ago

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