Aksshat bleeds, after breaking Matka with his head..

Aksshat hurts his forehead after hitting the matka with his head, in the De Dhana Dhan act that the Mast Kalandar boys performed...

The Mast Kalandar boys took some brave risks this week in Star Plus' Zara Nachke Dikha as they performed Martial Arts in the De Dhana Dhan round. The boys split themselves into two groups, the Ninjas and the Samurais and displayed various mind boggling stunts, and also presented a superb synchronization with a dragon float!!

A little birdie tells us, "The boys did a slide on a cloth which was very risky. They enacted the sword fighting act with utmost finesse, and also broke the matka thro' their head.

But there was one member in the Mast Kalandar team who was having a real bad day!! Aksshat who broke the matka with his head got a cut on his forehead which caused a lot of bleeding.

According to our source, "Aksshat thought that he had a small bruise and did not realize that he was bleeding profusely in the forehead. It was Arshad Warsi who told him about it, and he was immediately rushed off stage and was nursed with ice packs".

When contacted, Aksshat told us, "Yes, guess that was a bad day for me. We take risks in many acts and this had never happened to me. I developed a cut on my forehead and it started bleeding. It was my physio who helped me with regular ice packs; I had pain for two days but now the wound has healed. Abhishek Awasthi too hit the matka with his head, but guess he was lucky on the day (smiles)!!".

We wonder whether it is justified to take such risks just for an act!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


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BayAreaGuru 10 years ago No wonder boys team wins. They look so much like a unit
Lazy-Bonz 10 years ago sm times I think that he want to kill himself
it's not the first time he hurts himself..
I hope he is well ..
LOVE_DMG 10 years ago wow the compition level is getting higher
r07c 10 years ago Awwwwwwwwwwwww love u Aksshu, u r so dedicated and are so brave to attempt such acts. Looking forward to ur dance, all the best dude!! Also, looking forward to ur Star Parivaar Awards act. All the best!! And keep SMILING :D2010-05-28 18:52:03
xx-Rai-xx 10 years ago poor Aksshat
love him sooooooooooooooooooo much
Shaina_b 10 years ago Yeh match waise bhi fixed hai!!!!They will make the boys win this time!!!!!They have a better choreographer and also are given more marks always!!!!!

Zeenish_Khan 10 years ago this dance show is more like a STUNT show....poor akshat
-Urvi- 10 years ago Oooh!! He is an absolute darling! Look at him still smiling. Bechaara! Anyways, hope he gets better soon. And I hope even more that he's still on Sunday's episode. I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't, but I can't imagine him not being there to cheer everyone on. And on top of that, Siddhesh looks bilkul adhoora sa without Aksshat. :(
digitalone 33
digitalone 33 10 years ago waiting for the performance now..........
desire_20 10 years ago ouch that would hurt... hope he feels better
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