Akshay Kumar Arrested?

Whilst shooting for Farah Khan's next venture, Akshay had no idea that he would remain 'arrested' for 4 entire hours.

Who knew a simple handcuff scene would turn out to be a nightmare?

Akshay Kumar's key to the freedom was lost during the shoot of a simple handcuffed sequence in Tees Maar Khan. Whilst shooting for Farah Khan's next venture, Akshay had no idea that he would remain 'arrested' for four dreary hours.

A close source said that a production hand had accidentally broken the key while pulling it out of the handcuff before the scene and Akshay had mistakenly slipped on the cuffs and the lock clicked into place. He was taking it lightly because he assumed there was an extra key. But when Farah realized that the duplicate key wasn't there, she then asked for a locksmith to be summoned before rolling the camera.

The locksmith arrived 20 minutes later, but surprisingly, the handcuff still did not open. The handcuff was an imported make and had a complex locking mechanism that the local smith could not unlock. It left Farah with no better option than to send somebody to the other end of town, where her team member had left the duplicate key. She herself was surprised that they had forgotten to bring the extra key to Film City, but nothing else save the day, literally.

Through this inconvenience, Akshay Kumar kept his calm, and patiently awaited help.

Resourceful Farah decided to use the time to complete other shots that required Akshay to be in handcuffs. If they had the keys, he wouldn't have had to wear them for more than an hour in all. But yes, it was high drama. However, she said that it was sweet on Akshay's part not to grumble or delay her shoot.

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