Akash Jagga to quit Sasural Simar Ka 2?

India Forums has it that Sasural Simar Ka 2 lead Akash Jagga is going to quit the show soon.

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Sasural Simar Ka 2, the sequel to a rather popular Colors TV show sees Akash Jagga, Radhika Muthukumar, and Tanya Sharma in the lead roles. The show has currently been witnessing a lot of drama and managed to keep viewers hooked for a while now. However, there might be a piece of rather bad news for fans of the show, as India Forums has learned that Akash is planning to quit the show.

While we are yet to receive a confirmation on the same, sources close to the production tell us that it is happening. What would the fate of the show be like, only time will tell.

Meanwhile, tonight’s episode will see Geetanjali Devi hugs Simar, while Dhami gets furious. Simar escorts Geetanjali Devi to the breakfast table and the rest of the family that was hiding under the table surprises Geetanjali Devi and wishes her happy birthday. Simar notices that Aarav is standing on the side, so she gets him in front of Geetanjali Devi asks him to wish her happy birthday. Simar, on the other hand gets a call from Yamini, who questions her about her absence from the recording studio. Simar tells Yamini that she no longer wants to associate herself with Samar. Additionally, Simar informs her about Geetanjali Devi’s birthday. 

While everyone is celebrating, and different members do different things, Geetanjali Devi gets emotional and she hugs him and the entire family. Reema connects her phone to the projector and Dhami blocks the screen and gifts Geetanjali Devi a saree that Gopiji had gifted her with his earnings. Dhami then shows some pictures on the projector and in one of the pictures shows the same saree gifted by Gopiji, worn by someone else and that someone turns out to be Yamini. 

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