Ajaz Khan ousted from Bigg Boss 8!

What made Ajaz Khan to leave the show midway? Read to know more...

Bigg Boss 8
One of the most controversial and popular show Bigg Boss 8 on Colors is a few weeks away from its grand finale and it has already started creating its stir in media. With the recent wild card entries, the atmosphere is heating up in the house with the alleged tiff between Ali Quli Mirza and Ajaz Khan, Sambhavna Seth and Dimpy Ganguly Mahajan.

Ajaz who is quite known for his brash behavior, had to leave the show owing to his violent behavior towards Ali Quli Mirza. As known to all, the new season of Bigg Boss has been extended  for a month seeing a change in its pattern a bit and also with the new host Farah Khan has stepped into Salman Khan's shoe.

But due to Ajaz's aggressive nature, he indulged into a physical violence with one of the contestants resulting into his ouster from the show.

To know the further story we got in touch with the channel's spokesperson who says, "Ajaz got aggressive as Ali Quli Mirza and he got indulged into an heated argument over some issue. This made Ajaz very angry and he hit Ali. Though Gautam (Gautam Gulati) and other boys tried to pacify the fight, Ajaz got aggressive and their efforts went futile to stop him. After the incident Ajaz rushed in the confession room to seek justice from Bigg Boss. After analyzing the footage, Bigg Boss announced his decision to sack Ajaz immediately and further asked him to discontinue his stay in the house."

Ajaz is the third person in this Bigg Boss season who has been punished for being physical in the show after Puneet Issar and Sonali Raut who slapped Ali Quli Mirza for passing lewd comments and insulting the modesty of a woman.

We tried getting in touch with Ajaz but he remained unavailable for any comments.

To know more keep reading the space.

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Comments (15)

Good riddence! Kya kya bak rahe hai yeh! Sab ko gaaliyaan de rahe hai. Pritam ne kya kiya ?
Sab ko lapetkar ek hi baar ninda karneke kya mat lab hai ! Thank you Big Boss. You have shown maturity once again in taking correct step by evicting this so called junior artist. What an arrogance!

9 years ago

I love Gautam Gulati...

Rest I don't care let them do whatever they want... Vote for GG

9 years ago

Ali crossed his limits. No matter what Ajaz's work is, ali has no right to tease someone so badly on their work. He's just jealous of Ajaz and was provoking him, and then overreacted as if Ajaz almost killed him. Ali is disgusting.
I don't like Ajaz but I have to admit that even if I would have been in his position I would have hit Ali.

I really think Pritam deserves winning. If not him then Gautam (Out of challengers Mehek or Sanah but still Champions deserve winning more)

Don't worry Ali, another rival will arrive, and that's ur punishment for provoking somoene and putting up this charade to throw him out of the house. Ali is worse than sambhavna. Dirty flirt.

9 years ago

@PakiZindbad.. den how Gauhar khan won BB7 ? :O 4 ur kind info she was also Muslim

9 years ago

Ajaz Khan is Muslim that's why he is out. Bigg Boss is anti Muslim. Incredible India

9 years ago

Flop ha bb8
Ye kutte bache gulati ko jitwayega sure
Agr ajaz wapas na aya toh we dnt care fake bgboss8
Pase khaye ha bgboss ne gulati k baap se

9 years ago

very niceI hate this man badly
gauti win it

9 years ago

My support to Gautam Gulati..he deserves to win BB

9 years ago

If they eject AJAZ, BB8 will back being a FLOP again.
Thanks to Ajaz and the challengers, the show was becoming a little fun to watch.

9 years ago

Gautam Gulati should win bb8
show is rigged if he doesnt win

9 years ago

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