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Actor Rupanjana Mitra Accuses Arindam Sil of Sexual Misconduct

Mitra has come forward and accused director Arindam Sil of Sexual misconduct.


Courtesy : IBTimes India

The #MeToo row may have died down in terms of its constant buzz lately but some cases does seem to pop up and come out when you least expect it.

The latest one to hit news web includes Bengali actor Rupanjana Mitra. Mitra has come forward and accused director Arindam Sil of Sexual misconduct.

In an interview with portal, Iwmbuzz Mitra opened up on the whole saga saying, “It happened a long time back, but I had to gather the strength and courage to come out openly against it as any victim would. Finally, I have been able to do it, and I am getting so many messages from different corners for coming out openly and exposing the menace.”

She added, "Arindam Sil’s sexual misconduct is something that is an open secret in the industry. Everyone knows about it, but then our industry is such where we all have to ensure a lot of things before messing with someone. That’s when people try to abuse their power. I have in fact heard from so many girls and I have screenshots as well, where I have heard a guy called Prantik from Arindam Sil’s team, who used to call girls to Sil’s office for meetings. The messages there are really crass. I have the screenshots as well which I can share if necessary later. I am glad that after me, women are gaining the courage to come out against his menace.”

Mitra clarified Sil's stand where he tried to deny the matter calling it a 'political row' where she said, "There’s no political stint involved in this. I have zero interest to work with Arindam and his production house. Earlier, I was a part because I had a contract with Star and hence I had to. Still, I faced ramifications, like scenes being chopped off, poster shoot photos being removed, etc. I have zero interest in working with Arindam Sil.”

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