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Actor RajDeep Choudhury on making it to Bollywood: It’s a country with a billion plus population, nothing is easy

Actor RajDeep Choudhury seems to be doing well for himself as his recent film, Jackpot, released on Hotstar. Read excerpts from his interview here.

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Actor RajDeep Choudhury seems to be doing well for himself as his recent film, Jackpot, released on Hotstar. The actor has been working in both Hindi as well as British films and has a number of projects ahead. In an interview with us, he got talking about his journey so far, managing work from London, and more on his upcoming projects. Read the interview here.

Tell us about your journey so far?

It’s been a good journey and a long journey is not really possible without some hurdles. Beauty is how you overcome those hurdles and move on.

You have recently completed a Bollywood film shot in London, tell us a little more about it?

This has been my 2nd mainstream Indian film, shot in London. I absolutely love it. It’s wonderful to be working in these times. This recent film titled Screem, got me working with Rajesh Sharma whom I have always admired as an actor. Rohit Bose was such a nice guy to be on set with. It was a wonderful experience, really great working with the production and I hope to work with them again soon. 

You are settled in London and films are in Mumbai, is it difficult to go back and forth?

Sometimes yes. I settled in London and it’s a choice I made and every choice in life comes with its own challenges and mine is at times, logistics. However, I like to think I plan my work and work my plan...well.

Is TV in the pipeline?

I have been offered something from India and had a couple of meetings so let’s see what happens.

What next for you?

I am working on a feature film as one of the main characters this summer and I am working on another long short film which is being shot this month.

Is making a mark in Bollywood difficult, especially when you have no Godfather in the industry?

Look yes, it’s a country with a billion-plus population, nothing is easy. We have to be very competitive and be good at what we do. A bit like the present Indian cricket team, we have so many talents, we don’t know at times whom to play.

Tells us about your other projects?

My debut was with Jack and Dil in 2018 from then on I worked on the web series Dangerous which was directed by Bhushan Patel followed by my next feature film Screem. As you know my latest work was Jackpot and I am currently filming for another project which I can’t name at the moment. I have been simultaneously working in the British Film industry. 

We wish the actor all the very best for what's ahead!

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