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Absence of Shakeel from Kaante Ki Takkar finale..

Post the terror attack, all Pakistani actors have returned to their country. Owing to this, Shakeel will not be part of the final episode of the show...

Published: Friday,Dec 12, 2008 19:57 PM GMT-07:00
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Absence of Shakeel from Kaante Ki Takkar finale..
The well known stand-up comedian cum host of Sony’s Kaante Ki Takkar, Shakeel has gone back to his home town in Pakistan after the terror attacks that hit Mumbai. The news is that he will not be returning for the grand finale of the show.

“After the 26/11 terror attack in Mumbai, many Pakistani actors are leaving the country and going back to their home town. Shakeel was one of them who had to forcefully leave the show and go due to political pressures,” says our khabroo.

There was a buzz that another show called Shakeel made in China was about to replace Kaante Ki Takkar, but now there are very less chances of his visibility in the show. “The name of the show and format may see some changes now. However, nothing has been confirmed as yet,” concludes our source.

Shakeel has been the face of Kaante Ki Takkar and not having him in the finale would be a big loss. Well we hope everything turns out to be fine soon…

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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bikerider @bikerider 14 years ago hmm compare to what happened in mumbai i very much feel that pak actors/comedian/singers going back to there home town is nothing. i wish all the people who lost life in mumbai fiasco that, the soul rest in peace and who are surviving will recover fast from both physcial and mental blow. i respect all the people but i love my country india and indians more
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desikuri21 @desikuri21 14 years ago I am geting so fed up with all the ppl who are trying to defend the dreadful act of pak....and are expressing sad tht shakeel left.....I am so fed up with why do we have to take care of these pak ppl when we cant do much for our own ppl...i blame our own governement for this too....in pak i dont see any indians getting any fame or respect....instead they torture all indians there....and please dont tell me tht they are not....yes some pak ppl are innocent and want to go on with their lives,,,but it''s over all country with their government is trying to suport this terrorism......yes terrrorist has not religion and whtsoever...but they r getting all the support from pakistan....and this fact has been proven.....so defend as much as u can..the whole world knows whts the truth.....
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smart amy girl
jesmehr @smart amy girl 14 years ago i''ll miss shakeel alot...he is jus sooo talented...!! will shurle miss his jokes..!!:(
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sita @sitakshii 14 years ago i am soooooooooo happy tht shakeel has gone back to pakistan !!

i wish all the pakistani ppl stay there only & find good jobs there ,

there is no need of them to come to find employment in INDIA !!!

i wish all pakistani actors find employment in their country !!! only !!
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ana @jenny-zee 14 years ago all those who have been constantly saying that Pakistan is behind this, we have to end it blah blah blah..........enough is enough.......firstly if they were Pakistani what took so look to identify them and are there any definite proofs?????......no!.......second India,considered the about to be superpower..........could do nothing to prevent these attacks that too in its most imp. city......one of the biggest hotels of Mumbai....how did the arms got in......is there not proper security check...............so if the indian govt. has failed ...there is no reason Pakistan is to be blamed........we too are constantly facing terror attacks but most bombs which hit the building.....but here arms were involved .....third if in a cricket match the batting team fails to score because the fielding team is too strong ,you cant blame a third party for the failure.......i was saying throughout we have to reduce clashes and try and understand the situation.......but i,m sry what most Indians have been writing ........you have a really pessimistic approach towards life....Grow up!what if you were in our place.......then what?
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afreen_14 @afreen_14 14 years ago even though i am a indian bt main ye kehna chahti hun ke mje nai lagta vo PAKI THY JIS NE YE KIA IT IS SMBODY ELSE WHO IS CREATING MIS UNDERSTANDING B/W BTH D COUNTRIES aur PAKISTANI S ACHI TARHAN JANTE HAIN AGR KCH HUA TU UN PAR BLAME A SKTA HAI
so i really dnt thnk they can do such a thing az everybody knws since 4om LAST year they hv also suffered 4OM many blasts so!!!!!!!!!!

ANYWAZ dis was my point of view
we will definately miss SHAKEEL
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spunkpattinson @spunkpattinson 14 years ago thsi pak india fiasco has been going on for a half a century and more than that!! we all noe!!!!...lets end this guys!! this war kinda thingy will harm everyone!! we youngsters are the future of our nation!! and we shuld understand this serious problem by having a talk not fights!!..we really need leaders like gandhi and jinnah!!

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s@m @m3R
s@m @m3R @s@m @m3R 14 years ago I dont undrstand wtf these atheist terrorists want???????? Just wen both of us countries were going 4 betr relationz thy f**ked themselvz up!!!! Me soooooo angry at these a-holes!!!! THEY R NOT HUMANZ, let alone Muslims!!!!
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k-ekta fan
Monalisa @k-ekta fan 14 years ago so many talk goin on....
but i wuld really miss shakeel a loads in d finale. it''s his-urvashi jodi i like d most in d shw
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Sari @cutykoo20 14 years ago hahhahaa very funny

u know its all due to i media propopaganda its all misperception
it proved pak has nothing in mumbai terror attack and we are suffering from terror too so stop blaming n lace up to erase terrror from the world

blame game is hevoc n nothing
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