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Abhijeet Bhattacharya to continue...

Abhijeet Bhattacharya - Is he IN or is he OUT as judge of Zee's Ek Se Badhkar Ek?? This question has finally been answered, as things get sorted out between Abhijeet and the channel...Outcome - He is IN!!

Published: Monday,Jul 21, 2008 18:10 PM GMT-06:00
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Abhijeet Bhattacharya, the judge of Zee’s Ek Se Badhkar Ek who took a stand that he will not judge Mussarat Abbas just because he is from Pakistan will continue to judge the show, and this is the latest news!!

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Amidst all the buzz making rounds that the singer has been replaced by Alka Yagnik as judge in Ek Se Badhkar Ek, Abhijeet confirms to us, “Yes, I will be continuing as judge in the show. After all, it is my baby; Ahmed and I have taken extra care that the show is clean devoid of vulgarity. So as a judge, I will move on”. When asked whether this means he will now judge Mussarat, he says “I had a talk with the channel authorities and we have come to a mutual decision. As Abhijeet the person, I stand by the ideologies I have even today. But the judge in me will rate Mussarat and the show will go on!!”.

Tarun Mehra, Business Head, Zee TV further confirms this and says, “Yes, we have amicably sorted things out. Abhijeet will be continuing”. When put the same question whether he will now judge Mussarat, Tarun Mehra comes up with a quick reply, “He has to judge him!! As a person, we respect his sentiments, but as a judge he needs to keep the show’s format also in mind!!”.

Well, as this controversy dies down, wonder what we have in store for us next in Ek Se Badhkar Ek!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

Abhijeet Bhattacharya Alka Yagnik

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shaun123 14 years ago these gay judges hav already picked their winner and it's another looser like them abisheik is going to win cause he is the only looser and gay on the show so these asholes luv him,come on he wasn't even close to annek in performng yet the gay abjeet with his jealous ass gave him one point extra than annek,annek has talent abishek has his fakeass expression that he learnt from his bimbo girlfriend rakhi,this how is all a setup,
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jay123456 14 years ago hey IndianGuy75
the only reason why dont allow indian movies in Pkaistanis that proably because of people Abhijeet coming down and Barking ----- just like Feroz Khan when he came down to Pakistan --- He stod up and started to bad mouthing about the country --- Who the F**** does that --- He was then taken out from the first flight -- now imagine Vice Versa and then you say we dont allow ---
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MEMONJ 14 years ago Abhijeet is nothing but a narrow minded looser.He has no problem with Wild card entry but apakistani singer.
He forgot that most recentlly many indin films took theater in Pakistan.even in two indian movies just release in india have indian actors like nandita das and naseeruddin shah.

Indian actors , muscicians and directors are coming in hollywood and UK movies.

All this is right but if pakistan singer comes on indian show thats a shwam.

what a hypcrate.

The fact of the matter is Abhijeet is out of job because of new generation of inidan and pakistani singers and he has to take out his frustration some how.

and who else be a soft target then a pakistani singer…

What a Looser.

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IndianGuy75 14 years ago Why the hatred against Abhijeet? Should Pakistani artists be allowed to work and make money in India? Absolutely, I am all for it. It's a free market and they should be allowed.

But the Pakistanis who are bashing Abhijeet should tell us how many Indian movies are allowed to be filmed in Pakistan. The Pakistani government is only allowing those Indian films which have been filmed outside India or has some Pakistani artist in it etc. Other than the pirated stuff, *most* Indian movies are officially banned in Pakistani theaters. We understand, you're trying to protect your industry. Nothing racist about it. In the same way, much as I don't agree with Abhijeet's stance, he has a right to express that opinion and it is not racist at all --- his attitude is the same as the Pakistani government's attitude.
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--Princess-- 14 years ago *anger coming out of my every part of my body*

Abhijeet is biggest freaking loser !
You are nowhere near the scale of any singer from your own country and your talking about singers from Pakistan.
It's people like Abhijeet who would never want peace between two countries.

@ srk_lover, you made me smile. Am being a Pakistani, your comment was really a nice one.
@ aasighazi, no need to feel bad for anything. We, Pakistani's are equally better then any other nation people.

Zee TV is the most disgusting channel and this was the limit of crossing every line.

Go to hell Abhijeet. Your the most disgusting person ever to be born, a big time racist.

PS - Sorry for all the bad words.
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SaDeYa MaLiK
SaDeYa MaLiK 14 years ago abhijeet is a sore loser...and because of that he talked all that mess about atif aslam..who is he to decide if some1 can sing or not..if atif aslam was dat bad of a singer he wouldnt be havin concerts around the world..wha concert has abhijeet been on...and now hes being biased against mussarat..some1 reali needs to speak up in the show,tell abhijeet off n walk out the show..i cant believe how half da ppl in the show have been humiliated by him cruely n still choose to be in the show...what are they guna achieve by stayin a trophy?..i rather have my dignity....n for abhijeet ur a judge not jus stop tryin to put ppl down n comparing them to one another..ere1s gud in there own way....
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Radha Allyaan
Radha Allyaan 14 years ago I had a lot of respect for Abhijeet and watched every program he judged, but after that statement he made, I lost all respect for him and besides, to my knowledge he should be a professional which I now think he is far from a professional. All contestants should be judged by their talent not who they are, what they are or WHERE they from.
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naj7 14 years ago Oh i really thought V will get some other judge.. now that he continues lets hoep he is not biased... :-)
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~*puja*~ 14 years ago even though he's agreed to judge, i really don't want him to... his discriminatory comments have already been made and who knows if he won't be bias! I'm really upset that zee had to even consider keeping him on, they should have just fired him!!
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mango-frost 14 years ago aha!! i knew there was sumthing about him that i absolutely didnt like.....i never liked that man and never will.....wat a racist creep!!

im indian...but i completely, wholeheartedly disagree with his sentiments!! he needs to be isolated on some island and left there forever!!!
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