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Aayush Sharma bravely addresses online trolling: 'I married Arpita for love, not money'

Aayush Sharma recently opened up on facing trolling about his marriage with Arpita.

Published: Thursday,Jun 01, 2023 12:43 PM GMT-06:00
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Arpita Khan and Aayush Sharma

Aayush Sharma, known for his impressive action sequences in the teaser of his upcoming film "Ruslaan," has recently addressed the online trolling he has faced since marrying Arpita Khan, sister of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. In a 2022 TedX session, Aayush opened up about the backlash he receives due to the privilege of being Salman's brother-in-law. He also discussed how trolls target his wife, criticizing her weight and complexion. In a recent interview, Aayush revealed that he even faces trolling when he vacations with Arpita. 

During a conversation with the Bombay Times, Aayush admired his wife, Arpita, describing her as a strong and confident woman who remains unaffected by constant trolling.

He shared, "Arpita is a very strong, confident woman, and it is amazing to have her as a partner. She accepts who she is. This constant trolling hasn't affected us because she's seen this side of showbiz while I was new to it. What hurt me the most was that the trolls came up with a theory that I married her for money and to become an actor."

However, he clarified that their love and commitment to each other are genuine, and known to them and their families. Furthermore, rumours about a Rolls-Royce gifted to them by Salman at their wedding left Aayush perplexed about its whereabouts.

"I loved Arpita, and so I married her! The good thing is that she knew it, I knew it, and our families knew it. I would get trolled even when I went on vacations, as people would say, 'He's blowing up Salman Khan's money.' There were stories that Salman Khan gifted a Rolls-Royce to us at our wedding, and I am still wondering where that Rolls-Royce is."

Aayush also revealed that Salman advised him to focus on doing good work and building his career, emphasizing that it is the only way to combat the chatter on social media. He added that he has become immune to trolling and is working hard to prove himself to the audience.

Amid this, Aayush's upcoming film "Ruslaan" also features Sushrii Mishraa, and the teaser has already garnered attention for his impressive action sequences, showcasing his dedication to his craft.

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Arpita Khan Sharma Aayush Sharma

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