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Aarti Singh & Mahira Sharma Talk About Friendships After Bigg Boss

In the latest clip of Unseen Undekha on VOOT, catch Arti and Mahira discuss who they will remain friends with after the show...


No one in this world can understand you better than your best friend and while they know all the secrets from your black book, your group of friends are vital to your sanity. The contestants in the Bigg Boss House have a different kind of bond with each other since they’ve lived together and spent months in each other’s company. In the latest clip of Unseen Undekha on VOOT, catch Arti and Mahira discuss who they will remain friends with after the show. 

Arti initiates the conversation by asking Mahira, “Tu kitne logo se bahar dosti rakhegi?” Mahira points towards Arti and Paras as Arti agrees and then goes on to name Shefali Jariwala. She explains how since no one else is coming to her mind, she may not remain friends with them. 

Arti speaks her mind as she says, “Dekh Sid se toh meri pehle se hai par Sid se bhi meri kaisi hai pata hai? 10 din me ek baar baat hui waise. Rashami se meri 3 mahine me ek baar baat hui waisi par dosti hai. Soft corner hai for sure. Acchi dost hai, always been there in the bad times. Toh woh waise hi rahega. Jo naye log hai jinse me mili hu,” and goes on to name the people she’ll keep in her friend circle, “ Mahira, Paras, Zari (Shefalli Jariwala).” 

When Mahira mentions Vishal and how she may or may not talk to him since she is not too fond of him, Arti agrees but says, “I will talk but I cannot be friends. Mera dost nai ban sakta woh. Kabhi mil liye – mil liye. Akele nai milungi matlab kabhi plan ban gaya ki chal Mahira, Paras, mai sab log mil lete hai.” Mahira confesses that she doesn’t ever meet up with anyone specially and she doesn’t usually pick up anyone’s calls instantly either. She says, “Mere jo bohot saare dost hai, mai unke phone bhi nai uthati hu - jo zaada hi close hai (sirf unke).” 

Arti goes on to say, “Actually nah mere real me bhi itne dost hai nah bahar jo actually close bhi hai aur possessive bhi hai aur unke saath who kehte hai nah ki effort daalna hi hai ki aapka relationship humesha rahe,”  while Mahira opens up and talks about how she has only 5 – 6 close friends in reality.

It is great to see all the budding friendships and relationships in Bigg Boss this season. 

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