A series of injuries on the sets of Pratha

Colors TV’s Rishton Se Badi Pratha sees a series of injuries on its sets

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Tellybuzz had already reported about Zeb Khan being injured on the wrist after an unfortunate incident outside the house. After him the show Rishton Se Badi Pratha on COLORS, saw a series of others getting injured.

To begin with, Faisal Raza Khan, who is now impersonating Rannvijay Singh, ended up injuring his left wrist following an unfortunate fall on the sets.

Giving details about the incident, our source from the set says "The actor was hurriedly walking on the sets when he did not notice that the floor was slippery. He lost his balance and was about to fall down when he put his left hand on the ground to balance. This is when his left wrist gave way and Faisal has now suffered a hair line fracture on the wrist". 

"The actor is supposed to shoot an action packed sequence for the coming episodes and was in a dilemma after the accident. But Faisal, being a very professional actor, continues his shoot taking pain killers and will do the scene for the show", our source adds.

When contacted Faisal, he confirmed the news and said "Yes, I had a fall recently and have a hairline fracture in my left wrist, but I am continuing my shoot even though I have a swollen wrist with pain."

We also got to know that Mamta Luthra, who is now essaying the role of Dadi in the show, also faced a medical ailment. Mamta who already had a leg problem has aggravated it after a certain sequence in the show.

To add on to the list of injuries, a girl from the unit, who happens to be the the costume and hair stylist of the show, has also had a broken leg.  

Colors TV's new show Rishton Se Badi Prtha has been filled with action and drama since its beginning, and is now seeing certain misfortunes on the sets. With these incidents happening consequently, the other actors are all in a tense state of mind.

We just hope that no such incidents happen !! Guess the unit can do with a Shanti Havan so that all the bad omens are kept away.

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Saranya Valsarajan


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Comments (6)

thank for the sad news
get well soon

13 years ago

ouch this is bad, get well soon every one of u ................ we love u all

13 years ago

Get well soon....

Hope all of them fine....

13 years ago

Oh hairline fracture is bad , faisal u need to take proper rest! I love ur work

13 years ago

omg i hope faisal is ok..
during the shoot they shoild take proper precautions

13 years ago

oh my god...thats sad...hope they r fine soon

13 years ago

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