A kiss and a miss for Itishree...

Itishree Singh's kissing scene with Adi Irani in Babul Kaa Aangann Chootey Naa made the actress bit uncomfortable..Get an insight here...

After doing a hot bikini scene, Itishree Singh who plays Shilpa the sister of Aastha Chaudhary, the lead protagonist in Ratna Sinha's Babul Ka Angann Chootney Naa is now in the limelight for a kissing scene with Adi Irani (Aroona Irani's brother) recently.

Itishree was reluctant about shooting such a scene and kept praying that it should not be included. But the next day she had no choice but to shoot for it as the script demanded it. When asked her about the same she promptly said, "No, the actual kissing does not happen. It's true that we both get close to each other, but by then my brother comes and sees us which ends the scene".

It is heard that Itishree was quite uncomfortable performing this scene. "Yes I was very nervous but the character I play is star-struck by Mark Kapoor played by Adi Irani who is a top producer and could give me a break as I want to be an actress. Finally I can say the script demanded it and I had to do it". Regarding the shooting of the scene, she quipped, "I asked Mehul Kajaria, who plays the role of my brother to come in early but unfortunately we had to do approximately 3-4 retakes as he always used to come early even before we even came close to each other" (laughs). When asked if this kind of a kissing scene helps in gaining TRP's for the show, she firmly said, "Though all this might be common in Bollywood, but in Television it is not so common and so such scenes will definitely attract TRP's for the show".

Well, looks like this was indeed a very memorable experience for Itishree!!

Reporter: Binita Ramchandani
Author: Anuradha

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Today's janata have broader perspective abt everything. India's jnnata deermine the trps not NRIs.

UK USA INDIA are more broadminded than the rest of the other countries.
These narrow minded NRIS are destroying all shows.

16 years ago

i dunt think it wud help w/ trps cause babul isnt eaxctly a teen show. so ye

16 years ago

i agree wid candyfloss and luv-huda tooo...this shudnt be done...

16 years ago

kissing scene made her uncomfortable......poor girl

16 years ago

including kissing scenes just for the sake of TRP's is really stupid.

16 years ago

I beg the television industry not to go the bollywood way.

16 years ago

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