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A Glance at SRGMP and SVOI, this week!

While SRGMP C2007 takes its final steps towards the Mega finale, VOI decided to go on reverse gear and instead of taking the three steps forward decided to take them backwards away from the finals - thus extending the show by another few weeks.

Published: Monday,Oct 08, 2007 18:47 PM GMT-06:00
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A Glance at SRGMP and SVOI, this week!
This week SaReGaMaPa show was a gala event filled with music, fun, laughter, drama, emotions, live orchestra, 22 celebrities, and not to forget the music release and much more. Watching the last week's studio performance by the 3 finalists, was definitely a treat and to top it up, the cherry on the cake was to see live orchestra back on stage on Friday. The sweetness however turned saccharine sweet seeing the song selection by the contestants. They could have selected far better songs. The 22 celebrities from Bollywood in the SaReGaMaPa sets on Saturday not only set the record for the maximum number of celebrity guests for a day, but changed the geography of the show as well – it was less musical but more fun filled. It was evident that this episode was set for bidding farewell to Challenge 2007, as all the mentors and the contestants had more fun dancing with the celebrities’. To everyone’s surprise, viewers even got to watch the most silent mentors - Shekhar and Ismail Durbar performing some exclusive dance steps.

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A Glance at SRGMP and SVOI, this week!
Mentors of these reality shows should make sure that they maintain the dignity of the show. But this is lacking the most in these shows at times. Himesh was found commenting on issues that has no bearing to the show, and at times it was beyond the comprehension of the viewers as well. He seems to have turned into a brand ambassador for each and every film that comes to the show for promotion and makes sure to remind the viewers in every episode that this show is number one in TRP. And if it’s Himesh’s behavior that’s standing out as a sore thumb in SRGMP, then it’s Abhijit in SVOI who is giving Himesh a competition with such behaviors. Is it as a result of getting too attached to certain contestants and over hyping them in every other episode? Please let the viewers choose them on the basis of their performances and not on other issues.

A Glance at SRGMP and SVOI, this week!
After so many weeks of talks and speculation about the wild card entries, SVOI finally got three contestants from the wild card round. The results and selection of the wild card entrants have left most viewers utterly confused, frustrated rather than being happy. The show seems to be running without any rules or directions. If one minute the announcement was that one wild card would be selected, then in a couple of week’s time, this number changed from one to two, and finally by virtue of judges veto power, the number has reached to three. So do we now take it that if another good singer gets eliminated next, these much esteemed judges would again use their veto power to bring one back yet again? The question that now arises is - Why was this veto power not used when other good contestants were eliminated, despite good performances or as to When or Who introduced it? Excuse given for taking Priyani back was the marginal difference of votes between her and Abhaas; something that could have been used for even Toshi when he got eliminated. The biggest question that is now haunting the minds of the viewers is – Do we have an end to this show in sight or will this be a never ending one? Is it that just like in Saas-Bahu serials we see the characters making re-entry; even here contestants will be brought back at different stages? In this whole drama, the one who got the most unfair treatment was Sumitra, who was eliminated last week even though it was a wild card round. And of course, the top four too who even after reaching that coveted spot are now back to again top seven.

If anyone is suffering in this chaos and confusion, it is mostly the participants as their morale is taking the beating. The next to suffer are the fans who are taken on wild goose chase and are paying through their teeth to send maximum SMS votes to keep their favorites in the contest. A clear-cut format and adherence to a set format is the most important part of a show. Dignified behavior, good themes, song selections and brilliant performances should decide the TRP toppers. These are few points the channels now needs to understand and work upon.

Author : Barnali

Note: The views expressed are solely of the author. For any information, please contact the author.
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Aditi @adoremevirgo 16 years ago SVOI must hv been taken over by ektaa kapoor and the viewers r unaware lol

SRGMP is really good and all the 3 finalists deserve to win.
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neha @neha28 16 years ago thnk god srgmp is comin to an end....but svoi is still draggin
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sjshah @sjshah 16 years ago It was a good article. To be honest i prefer SVOI than Saregamapa. The judges of SVOI are so much more better and tolerable than Himesh. I am glad Saregamapa is coming to an end!!! That way we don't have to see Himesh anymore!!!
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vidyagopalk @rorasam 16 years ago author was too soft on himesh rehsamiya. sometimes he talks so much and he forgets it is not HIs show but the contestants. i just change the chanhel when i see his face. urggghh. cannot stand his nonsencal talk for a second.
god bless his wife.
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Mistyy @Mistyy 16 years ago WOW...i can't believe VOI is having three more contestants..
anyays..i don't care about the show..but ya SAREGAMAPA ROCKS!!
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Ammu @ammmu 16 years ago Thanks Barnalidi... wow, I dont watch SVOI, but wow, can't believe they added 3 contestants!! That's def going to be a long extension..

uff, SRGMP tension... thankoo for the article!
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advil @advil 16 years ago Totally agree.The SVOI paerticipants are the ones especially the oens who were there in top 4 but have now got into top 7. By the way if we were ever to recollect the names of the top 7, then would it be the names of those who were in the previous top 7 or is now in top 7? in that case will Sumitra be considred in the top 5 or will she now not be... God, its more complex than rocket science !
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kbma @kbma 16 years ago Yes..if a format is made one shud adhere to it and not change it according to their fancies.I like Toshi and Abhas but hope they loose because it is unfair on the fabulous four who have to compete with them again. i hope Gajendra singh/Star plus conduct most competetive exams in India so that favoured children get seats in Medicine or Engineering as they wud conduct the exams many times till their candidate gets in!!
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Monica sidhu @Monica3 16 years ago their all really good and i wish them the best of luck for the future
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Krishna @kubare 16 years ago SRGMP was the best show this weekend...drama and all...and my best wishes to all three...hope they sucssed in life and all their dreams come true...
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