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A Chit-Chat with the Contestants of Indian Idol!

Telly Buzz presents an Exclusive Special One-To-One Talk with the 10 Contestants of Indian Idol... Read on!!

Published: Friday,Jul 20, 2007 12:39 PM GMT-06:00
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India-Forums’ Telly Buzz presents our first ever Chit-Chat with Indian Idol contestants. These hot and happening stars of tomorrow were gracious enough to lend their time and be interviewed by us. Let’s catch up on the controversies and gossips surrounding these Indian Idol contestants!!!

An 18 year old kid with a great singing career ahead is making waves with the judges and the audience.This is Emon Chatterjee for you all!!

You are one of the top contenders this year. Talk us on this ?

Emon: It's been my dream since the last 2 years to become Indian Idol. I have worked very hard to reach the top 10. The job will only get tougher as the rounds progress. However I like competition, as it pushes me further to do even better.

Who is your greatest challenger?

Emon: At this stage all the top 10 contestants are very good, however I regard myself as my best competitor, for I wish to push the bar higher with every performance.

Your talk does indicate over confidence as Annu ji suggested. Was this the cause of your downfall last week?

Emon: God pls don't remind me of that moment. It really hurt when Annu ji accused me of over confidence. I am not! All I am trying to be is a good singer. I took what Annu ji said seriously and practiced very hard. Watch this week's episode for the result.

Come clean about your relationship with Puja Chatterjee?

Emon: Not Again. For the last time, Pooja is like the kid sister, I never had. The fact that we are both are not only Bongs, but also share the same surname has brought us very close, but not in the sense , what you assume.


The next contestant on the hot seat is the sweet and loveable Puja, who beautifully belts out her vocal chords. Let's see how she felt being in the bottom 4. Over to Puja Chatterjee!!

You were the first contestant to go into bottom 4 during this year's Gala Results, do you really think that you deserved to be there among the the top 10 contestants?

Puja: See you can't perform well always; things do ebb and flow so thats why I fell to the bottom earlier. Having said that I not only deserve to be in top ten, but can go ahead and win for I believe that I have all ingredients which an Indian Idol needs to have.

Who is that one judge, whose comments you wait eagerly after your performance and why?

Puja: Anu ji, although he is very harsh, but the man speaks truth. It's only because of his bluntness that we know where we are going wrong. The best part of Anu ji is that he says exactly the some thing on stage, what he says off stage.

You impressed the judges really well, in the second gala after a not so good first , how much work did you put in to recreate the magic on stage?

Puja: The choice of song really worked in my favor. For 2 days, I really slogged going over each and every aspect of the number i.e lyrics, tune and pronunciation. I knew very well that I could not afford to bungle once more. And by God's grace things worked out well.


Next in line, The hearthrob who has captured many females fan, the Dentist by profession..Meiyang Chang!!

What in Chang is driving the females crazy ?

Chang: I really am trying to figure that out myself. Seriously speaking, Its really nice to know that girls consider me damn cute(thats what I have heard). Yes I am getting a lot of votes due to the same, but I would feel much happier, if they voted for my talent as well, for that's what will get me work later.

Anu Ji had said that you will have to leave your dentistry now?

Chang: Hope, I have reached that stage where I can devote myself full time to music. Agreed my medical profession might end, but it's not something, what I can just do on the side.

If you get to record a duet with one girl, who would you choose , singing wise and why?

Chang: I would choose Deepali for we both dig similar type of songs. I can't choose Puja for she is better than me. High energy Ankita would be my second choice.

Why did you choose Deepali to give the rose..Something special brewing with her?

Chang: Nothing special yaar , it was just a part of the performance. Only thing was that I did not tell her before, as that would have taken away the natural feel of the moment.


This beauty of Indian Idol is tipped to be the first ever female Indian Idol winner. Will she be one?Over to Charu Semwal!!

The buzz around is that Charu is the ideal Indian Idol this year, how do you manage to put in so much confidence with all the strain of rehearsals etc?

Charu: Oh! thanks a million for your sweet words. They have made my day. Kindly thank your readers from the bottom of my heart for their love and faith. I have always believed that self confidence is the key for success in any venture. I keep rehearsing a song so many times, that it becomes an integral part of me.

Do you think finally after 3 years we will get a female Indian Idol?

Charu: I am quite sure that this year, the fairer sex will capture the top spot. Besides me, Puja, Ankita and Deepali are also quite well equipped to give the guys a real run for their money. Watch out dudes.

You have a pretty glamorous image, thanks to your great looks and over all package?

Charu: Yes although I agree that the X factor is important as Indian Idol is a complete audio visual experience, we still have to pay maximum attention to our singing. As the race gets hotter ,I have decided to relegate all these things to background and concentrate cent percent on my vocals.


This UP girl has got a lot of spunk. She fought and came back at the wildcard rounds. Here's a star performer for you...Ankita Mishra

You are the classical comeback kid?

Ankita: Yes after the audiences voted me out I felt down, but never out. Hence I worked very hard for the wild card round. Javed ji's words of confidence that he was'nt even thinking about me but about the 2nd person who would come into Gala, gave me a new high.

When you first arrived on the scene, you were a tomboy now, a beautiful girl. Whats the secret?

Ankita: Yes I realized that a certain amount of glamour is needed given the format of the show. You need to keep reinventing yourself for every round. However I have not changed from inside. I still remain that simple Kanpur girl.

Do you think that people vote on provincial lines?

Ankita: Although I want to get votes from UP as I represent our great State out here, that does not mean I will not get votes from other places. The public is very smart and they vote for only the best.


He recently won the battle of the performance with Ankita. This cool dude is saying that he's here to stay! Parleen Singh Gill

You had also auditioned for Indian Idol 2, and were rejected from Theatre Round, but this year you have been selected....why is it that you were chosen this year and not last year?

Parleen: Yes last year I was not that good, so was eliminated. In the interim period, I pulled up my socks and the change is there for you to see. One needs to be very serious out here .It's no fun and games, believe me.

As the struggle gets fierce, do you think that your friendship will get strained?

Parleen: Upto now, things have been great and let's hope they remain the same. But you never know as the urge to win does make people behave in strange manners. In such a tough scenario, friendships can be the first casualty.

You seem to be having a roving eye,even Anu ji had said once in his comments, that you should stop watching "idhar udhar"?

Parleen: No ways, I have not come here to play the field, I have come to win, period. All the girls are good friends nothing more. Where is the time for such frivolous pursuits?


This police inspector has vowed audiences with his talent. It's none other than the sipaai himself...Prashant Tamang

Annu ji has asked you to quit smoking, have you?

Prashant: Yes I have quit, for I understand that it's bad for health and especially worse for a singer. I just hope that my parents will forgive me for they do not know about this habit of mine.

What is your biggest drawback?

Prashant: My pronounciations. Coming from the north east, this is a major problem. However I am trying very hard to over come it. My Idol friends are helping me a lot in this regard, God bless them.

If you fall by the way side will you go back to the police force or stick to music?

Prashant: I will return to my duty. Music has always been my passion. I was a part of the police orchestra even before . I am sure that my stint here will help to dispel many wrong notions about police men. We are not hard and emotionless. A cop is as human as anybody else on the street.


Despite forgetting his lyrics, he was voted to the gala rounds by the audience. A Charmer and Heart throb of Millions - Amit Paul

You can be said to be the most luckiest contestant around. You were saved inspite of forgetting the lyrics ?

Amit: Yes I agree, for that was unpardonable offence. I have to thank my lucky stars that the judges were gracious enough to say that I should be given a second change. The all important audience also thought along the same lines and saved me. You got to understand that just before that particular round, 2 of my closest friends were eliminated. I did not get time to recompose myself after the results were announced, as I was the first one to perform that day.

Are you not scared that you might face the same fate as previous Indian Idols have. So much exposure now and then nothing?

Amit: Yes that fear is always there. But right now I don't want to think about that and get disillusioned. My only aim is to be the winner.

Who is your biggest threat?

Amit: I would not say threat. My main competitors are Emon and Pooja.


He is called the DON of Indian Idol. Find out who it is....Abishek Kumar

Are you are titled as the DON of Indian Idol?

Abhishek: Yes, but this tag is a heavy burden to carry. For the real Don always wins. So I have to excel in every outing which becomes very difficult.

Does Judges comments affect the public voting pattern?

Abhishek: The public does take the judges views into consideration before voting. So negative judges' remarks can mar our chances. But sometimes the audiences go totally against what the judges say as well. So I say luck factor is very important.

What your view on Javed ji?

Abhishek: Javed ji keeps a very close watch on the lyrics, pronunciations and over all mood of the song . Whatever comments he has passed in regards to me have always been spot on. They have helped me to go ahead and better my talent.


There is a new RJ in town! It's none other than Deepali. This top-class acer has won Chang's affection !!

Among all the female contestants who are you most friendly with?

Deepali: Although I am very pally with all the girls, Puja is my best friend.

Which play back singer do you like the most?

Deepali: Sonu Nigam, man he is technically perfect. Plus he never ever misses his daily riyaz . I wish to be like him.

What is that one single trait which will make an Indian idol?

Deepali: He or she will have to be consistent through out. Where we falter is that we dip at times, conceding the advantage to somebody. This will not do any more.

So Folks, hope you had a happy reading..The whole nation wishes all these 10 Contestants All The Very Best... Hope the Best Wins!! With this, the Countdown to crowning the 'Bharat Ki Shaan' starts...

Catch out for more on the Latest Indian Idol Happenings on India Forums' Tely Buzz....

Reporter: Anil Merani
Author: Anil Merani, Natasha I, Srividya Rajesh

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