8 Cool Accessory Pieces You Need to Stay Stylish in 2020!

A peek into their accessory closet is all you need to be on top of your accessorizing game In 2020...


As we wrap up the decade, we also bid farewell to many fashion mistakes to make way for the right things we could do with our wardrobe. The most essential being, nailing each piece in our wardrobe. And to make that move, we need some timeless yet stylish accessory pieces. 

Here are the ones that you could stack up in your accessory closet to make every OOTD/N step up in style:

The coolest hair accessory trend of 2020, the diamond studded hairclip. It all started from Gucci introducing diamonds into a clip, which costed about 400 dollars. Hina Khan who is known to style her outfits on point with varied accessories sported this trend of clips.

Courtesy : Hina Khan Instagram

Despite of being a men’s favourite, women have managed to incorporate a baseball cap into their looks to give a sporty chic touch to their garb. Here we have, the ever so stylish, Kritika Kamra, sporting a yellow cap. 

Courtesy : Kritika Kamra Instagram

The cool beanie to keep your winters warm. This cold weather staple is just the right accessory to amplify any warm look. Like Helly’s fuzzy navy blue one.

Courtesy : Helly Shah Instagram

Meet the baby sunglass trend of the past decade, which will surely be carried forward into the 2020. Anita Hassanandani gives you a glimpse into what it looks like. Cool isn’t it?!

Courtesy : Anita Hassanandani Instagram

Now, here’s something for your desi outfings. Surbhi Jyoti’s pearl drop earrings with layers of sahara. If you don’t have this one, girl it is about time to get one (or many) in your wardrobe. 

Courtesy : Surbhi Jyoti Instagram

Last year’s favourite bag trend, the waist bag, will surely be seen adorning many waists this year as well. This is one style of bag that you may want to consider if your waist is tiny like Niti Taylor’s. 

Courtesy : Niti Taylor Instagram

Like many past seasons, the lariat necklace is so on trend this season that all it takes is this dainty style of jewellery to amplify a simple look. Just the right piece to bring attention to your collar bones. 

Courtesy : Surbhi Jyoti Instagram

They are not turbans nor are they headbands, what they are more like are head wraps that can be used for varied reasons like keeping the wind from ruining your hair or just for the sake of simple reason to style an outfit. Whatever may it be, turban headbands will look chic this year.

Courtesy : Shrenu Parikh Instagram

Which are those stylish pieces of accessory that you will stack up in your wardrobe in 2020? Let us know your answers in the comments below….

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