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5 times 'Shakti... Astitiva Ke Ehsaas Kii' got us SHOCKED and STUMPED..

The show which gave us twists, turns and major shockers..

Published: Monday,Oct 31, 2016 16:31 PM GMT-06:00
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Almost four and half months ago, we were introduced to a show which was launched in a mysterious way on Colors. Talking about a little girl who just wants to live a normal life like any other kid of her age, the show seemed sweet and simple. Until, it was shown that her own father despises her and cannot stand her sight. Why? That became the biggest question.

After the introduction of elderly Soumya (Rubina Dilaik), Harman (Vivian Dsena) and Surbhi (Roshni Sahota), the show had its place set for several shockers and twists till the day we were shown the boldest moment in TV history, about Soumya being a kinnar (transgender).

Here we list down the 5 times, 'Shakti... Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii' got us SHOCKED and STUMPED with its twists and turns.

Getting Soumya married to Harman

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While in any other show, this may seem a totally normal occurrence, where the lead protagonists get married to each other. However, things were totally different on this show where though, we weren't aware about Soumya being a kinnar back then, it still was a shocking move as time and again and in every episode we got teasing hints leading to a big revelation. And getting a girl, who is isolated for all her life and doesn't understand the way the world lives, married to a guy was one of the first's turning points.
Nimmi asking Soumya not to consummate her marriage with Harman

When this track was introduced, things became a lot clearer than usual. Nimmi (Reena Kapoor) tried her everything at every instance that though Soumya is made to marry Harman, she made sure that they don't consummate their marriage, as that would mean Harman getting to know that Soumya is a kinnar. It was shocking and brain-teasing.

The big revelation where Soumya comes to know that she is a kinnar

This can certainly be termed as one of the biggest revelations of all time. Soumya was tired and depressed with the various questions and the fact that she cannot allow Harman to come near her. And now she demanded an answer. And thus we saw the biggest revelation that Soumya is in fact a kinnar.

Harman and Preeto being enlightened with this truth respectively

Just when Soumya was trying to get over the biggest shock of her life and after an attempt to suicide, she faced another challenge. Once again, Harman, who was in love with Soumya, tried getting close to her. But this time, a frustrated and aware Soumya went ahead and SHOCKED Harman with the reality of her being a kinnar. This shocker was immediately followed by another shocker where Preeto (Kamya Punjabi) who was really supportive of the couple till then was baffled by this revelation and became a totally negative person towards Soumya for her son.

Soumya being taken to the kinnar house

Just when we thought what more can be shocking after being aware about the big truth, we couldn't be more wrong. As, Soumya, though was a kinnar lived and dressed up as a woman for hiding this major truth. However, now that the truth was wide in the open, we were gonna be introduced to her kinnar avatar. And that became a shocking moment in itself, where we saw Soumya as a kinnar in the kinnar house where she is forced to stay.

The show has managed to keep the viewers glued since a long time, where it has even topped the TRP charts recently. These turning points are certainly just five of the many. We are sure to witness even more shockers which will wow us to infinity.

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kichu.m74 6 years ago They should end the show before it loose the main focus.Don't make too much twist & turns in the story .It will loose the main point!
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shakti121 6 years ago Rubina Dilaik is the perfect choice as Saumya. She is amazing
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Rosemaria 6 years ago Rubina Dilaik is the perfect choice to play Saumya. We can connect with Saumya because of her outstanding performance. Love HaYa
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
Sonam_Pari 6 years ago Rubina Dilaik you are the best.keep rocking. Keel shining my love.
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SRK999 6 years ago Rubina Dilaik you are the are mindblowing and outstanding in Shakti
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Trimurti_KSG 6 years ago The main reason for me is Rubina Dilaik. I am watching Shakti for her.and I am in love with HaYa chemistry.
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MuskaanRubina 6 years ago Shakti is the best show on Indian television. Love our gorgeous Rubina Dilaik 's outstanding performance in Shakti.
Rubina Dilaik I love you.
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MouRubina 6 years ago Shakti is an outstanding show. HaYa chemistry mindblowing. Love you Rubina Dilaik. Keep shining.
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Rubinafan 6 years ago Shakti rocks.HaYa rock.Rubina Dilaik you are outstanding my love.
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Srigayathri 6 years ago Rubina Dilaik.. Loving your super duper performance as Soumya in shakti.. Keep shining.. stay blessed
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