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5 shows to binge watch this Diwali season

Here are five binge-worthy shows we recommend you to watch during this Diwali holidays...


The Diwali season has arrived and however, you plan to spend time, we are going to help you settle in for some must-see series because we care about your happiness. 

Here are five binge-worthy shows we recommend you to watch during this Diwali holidays:

1. Homecoming: Starring Julia Roberts as Heidi Bergma, the series is a psychological thriller about a woman who works at Homecoming, an independent program that seeks help to veterans who have returned from war with PTSD. The series lead to many unexpected events which take Heidi on a search for the truth.

2. Elite: Elite, the Spanish-language teen crime drama that has been compared to some of the TV series like Riverdale and Pretty Little Liars, has created buzz through its murder mystery plot and covering typical teen issues like drugs, alcohol, teenage pregnancy, etc. 

3. Dark: Many of them have associated it to Stranger Things, but this German drama is full of melodrama and thriller. Centered around few families living in the town, the story takes a turn when two kids disappear mysteriously. Revolving around a supernatural theme, the series brings a whole new meaning to "things are not quite what they seem here''.

4. Jack Ryan: Based on Tom Clancy's classic novel, Jack Ryan stars John Krasinski who plays the iconic CIA agent trying to uncover the major terrorist plot targeting the US. The series brings in some action pack thrills with numerous twist and turns to toggle between tension and humor.

5. Cable Girls: Another Spanish drama, Cable Girls is a timeless tale of women fighting for independence and empowerment in the world that is dominated by men. Set in the backdrop of late 1920's in Madrid, the series is about four women coming together to face great difficulties of life to get out of the oppressive control of men and how they are willing to go to great lengths for each other.

Have a happy binge-watching and ohhh. Yes, you're welcome.
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