2015's Top 10 Absurd Lyrics

After putting ourselves through hours on end of pure agony, we've decided that to save our readers of the same torture, we'd bring to you the top ten most absurd lyrics of 2015.

As the year comes to a close, BollyCurry risks a look back at 2015's songs and lyrics. Imagine our horror when along with some of the most beautiful verses to exist, we chanced upon some lyrics that simply blew our minds, and that doesn't necessarily mean to be a good thing either. After putting ourselves through hours on end of pure agony, we've decided that to save our readers of the same torture, we'd bring to you the top ten most absurd lyrics of 2015. Of course, some of these songs became rather popular and still are, but that doesn't stop them from being nonsensical.

Let's celebrate this moment, let's Instagram this moment

These are the lyrics that opened the year with the year's first masala movie, Tevar. We understand the rap, we understand the meaningless lyrics such as "saanu lagni Dutch Police", we even somehow understand the weird horse that suddenly appeared in the music video, but really the catchphrase is more than pathetic. The song may have been a hit, but if you actually listen to the lyrics, you'll realize that the song has nothing working for it.

Baby ka birthday bash

Of course Yo Yo Honey Singh has a honorary position on our list. Break out into the rap and the autotune. Or better yet, play Irrfan Khan's "AIB: Every Bollywood Song" because we can't say it's better than that. This song from Dilliwaali Zaalim Girlfriend has it all: the Haryani rap, the repetitive catchphrase, the disco, the alcohol and a whole lot of nonsensical lyrics. But that hasn't stopped it from being on everyone's playlist. "Heh? Yeh bhi koi baat hai?"

Coz it's time for Calcutta kiss

Catchy tune, check. Catchy dance, check. Weird lyrics, check. This song from Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! has made it on our top 10 list as well. But this time, we're not going to say anything. Instead, you decide for yourself. Here's one line from this song: ulta chashma angoothe char (upside-down glasses, four thumbs). Makes any sense? No? Well the song is full of many more absurd lines.

De kitchen se awaaz chicken, kuk-du-ku

Bajrangi Bhaijaan was no doubt a stellar movie with a stellar plot, stellar actors and stellar songs. But one song has us hanging our heads and crying. Munni (Harshaali Malhotra) is sad, as anyone would be if they were separated from their mother. Therefore it makes sense that the best way to make a kid smile is to do something stupid, but to completely lose your mind and write whatever you feel like is a bit weird. Add to it Bajrangi's (Salman Khan) and Rasika's (Kareena Kapoor Khan) weird dance and we can't help but add this to our list.

Mera naam Mary hai, Mary sau takka teri hai

This song from Brothers is supposed to be a wild attempt at seducing Monty (Sidharth Malhotra) and we can only guess that the flat expression on Monty's face mirrors the flat expression on the audience's face to this sad attempt of lyrics. The song featured some rather interesting lines such as aaja saanson ka AC chala dun (come let me turn on my breath's AC), which makes no sense and yet were obviously used as an attempt at being catchy and seductive. 

Afghan Jalebi mashooq farebi

Before we even start talking about this song, can we just ask a simple question? What is the meaning of the line we just wrote above? To rephrase, what is the difference between a normal jalebi and an Afghan jalebi. Is there even a difference and if there is, why sing about it? That's all we have to say about this song and its lyrics from the movie Phantom

Hey Daddy Mummy hai nahi ghar pe

Let's just say as little as possible on this song because any more than that and we might end up droning on forever. We understand that in the Bollywood industry the songs are important, but are songs so important that we now need to belt out tunes on the fact that our parents are not at home and how that allows us the freedom to enjoy? Enough said about this song from Bhaag Johnny.

Cinema dekhe mamma, 9 se 12 mamma

Yes, these are the words that greet us as we tune into this Singh is Bling love song. Understandably so, the next words are "tamma tamma". Exactly what does "tamma tamma" mean? More importantly, exactly what does the entire song mean? Not to mention that the dance, the tune, even the acting was cringe-worthy. The less said, the better.

Chamak choriyan se nayanva ladawaat, wat wat wat wat wat wat wat

As we write this, great lyricists like Shailendra and great composers like Shankar Jaikishan must be spinning in their graves. Is this really what our lyricists have come to? Repeating meaningless words like "wat wat" or "tamma tamma" or "tung tung" to ensure rhythm, beat, and at least a three minute song? Is this our future? Will we be dancing at weddings or in parties to songs that simply repeat two meaningless words because the beat is catchy? Sadly that seems to be what was going through Irshad Kamil's mind when he wrote this song from Tamasha.

Manma emotion jaage re

Don't mind, but while the feel, the love, and the emotions are absolutely correct in this Dilwale song, the lyrics just aren't. Maybe it's the grammar or maybe it's because lines such as "dil ka chilka" made us cringe, but this song did nothing to wake up the emotions in our heart (the translation of manma emotion jaage re). Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon may have danced the best they could to make this track work, but for us it just didn't.

As we move into 2016, we're sure that more songs with even more absurd lyrics will find their way onto our list. Until then, give the above mentioned songs a listen and let us know what you think just about their lyrics!

Writer: Shreya S.
Editors: Kalpana K.C. and Jenifer A.
Graphics: Harjot D.

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Comments (8)

the first one really isn't that absurd, i mean whenever something happens, people take pictures and post them to insta, if not immediately, so Imran Khan pretty much nailed it lo

8 years ago

Afghan Jalebi is a full fledged Urdu song and I like it very very much. Rest all the songs are total crap.

8 years ago

so whats new . bwood songs these days are mostly made up of absurd lyrics and over westernized singing and sound. anything else is classified as outdated . music quality has just gone downhill in the last few years or so

8 years ago

Strongly disagree with Afghan Jalebi. Obviously the writer has next to nothing knowledge of Urdu and very poor sense of humor. A pity.

8 years ago

BB's Chicken song has a much deeper meaning. It is a political song...satire mostly. Kabir Khan once said in an interview it's mostly a take on religious tolerance.
A pure Brahmin who cringes at the thought of non-veg dances and sings about non-veg delicacies to lighten up a child's mood.

8 years ago

Strongly disagree on Afghan Jalebi. Surely the lyrics are not something praise worthy but are not absured. Either writer is not familiar with urdu or fails to grab essence of song. Mohtarma agar aap kisi afghani larki ko jalebi se tashbhi (compare) dain gi tou afghan jalebi hi kahain gi Mumbai ki jalebi tou nhi keh sakte na. Beshaq dono ek jaisi hi hun. Aur yahan jalebi ka hawala mehboob k pecheda mijaz (twisted and moody nature of beloved)k izhar k liye istamal hua hai. Its a quirky way of saying stuff.

8 years ago

the first one really isn't that absurd, i mean whenever something happens, people take pictures and post them to insta, if not immediately, so Imran Khan pretty much nailed it lol

8 years ago

bang on

forwarding this article to all my friends who love this (songs?)...

8 years ago

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