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Hello to whoever is reading this, first let me make it clear that it’s the first time that I’m writing a fan fiction and I am really nervous whether you all would like it or not so if you like it pls do share your thoughts in the comment section below it would be a great pleasure for me and a token of encouragement.

Thanks, now enjoy reading… smiley42



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Starting with the entry of NK who came all the way from Sydney to attend Akash and Payal’s wedding. The whole family were very excited to meet NK, they all welcomed him. ‘Jeetay rahiye bitwa’ (Long live son) said Naniji while giving him ashirvaad. NK hugged Akash and started to tease him, ‘See Akash humein tumhari shadi ki fikar mili aur hum dortey hue chaley aye’ (See Akash I got news of your wedding and I came) said NK to which Anjali di corrected him saying ‘Fikar nahin NK bhai Khabar’ everyone laughed at his silliness and lack of knowledge of Hindi. ‘Arey hamra bitwa a bhi gaya aur kono humein khabar tak na diye welcome welcome NK bitwa’ (Oh my son just came and no one even told me welcome welcome NK son) said Mami ji moving towards NK and hugged him.


Just as when NK met them all he started to move further towards the living area and bumped into someone ‘Oh sorry sorry I’m sorry’, he said. ‘Koyi baat nahe’ (It’s okay) said Khushi. ‘Sure? Apko lagi tou nahe na?’ (Are you alright?) he asked again. ‘Jee jee hum bilkul theek ha’ Khushi replied even though she didn’t knew who he is. NK was wearing ripped jeans and a yellow jacket.When she saw him in ripped jeans she thought maybe he’s some worker who came to decorate the house as she had very little knowledge about the latest trends and fashion. She didn’t even bother to ask who he is and walked away smiling. ‘Acha Nani ji ab hum chaltey hein’ (Okay Nani ji now I have to go) she said. Nani agreed and smiled at her as did Anjali di. ‘Namaste’ Khushi said while leaving.


As Khushi was about to open the main door it opened itself. No no no someone else from the outside opened it before her. As she looked at the person standing there her eyes got widened. It was Arnav ji standing there in his usual emotionless expression looking as handsome as ever in his black waist coat and marhoon shirt underneath with a file in his hand. ‘Hi’ he said simply though tried to smile a little. It was so obvious that he was starting to feel some changes in his feelings towards her after Lavanya left that he was becoming a little soft on her for the first time. ‘Namaste’ she said awkwardly. She always seems to get uncomfortable in his presence because his mood is so unpredictable. She didn’t know what to do next as he was standing in the doorway blocking her way out. Just as when she was about to ask him to give her some room he himself stepped aside and let her walk out. As she walked past him she turned around and found him already looking in her direction. ‘Arey chotey tum agaye’ (Chotey you came)said Anjali di. ‘Wahan kya kar rahe ho kharey ho her’ (What are you doing standing there?) She asked while trying to look out who he is looking at. Until then Khushi had already left. ‘Kuch nahe di apko kuch kaam tha?’ he asked. ‘Han,tum hamarey liye Lucknow ki famous mithai la do gey chotey?’ (Yes, can you pls bring the famous sweets of Lucknow?) she asked sweetly. He smiled and agreed.Just as when he was about to leave he was stopped by his di. ‘Arey ruko chotey hamarey pas ek aur opaye hay’ (Wait chotey I have another solution) she said.‘Kiya di?’ he asked. ‘Khushi ji bhi tou Lucknow se heina shayed unhe ati ho mithai banana’ (Khushi ji is also from Lucknow maybe she knows how to make sweets) she replied. ‘Par di Khushi tou jalebi…’ (But di Khushi makes jalebis…)he started. ‘Hum unse puch kar tou dekh saktey heina chotey’ (We can atleast try and ask her) she said. ‘Okay di jesa apko theek lage’ (Alright di whatever you think is best) he said while going back inside the house.


As Arnav entered the living area he found NK ‘Arey Nannav mere bhai’ (Nannav my brother) he said while greeting him. ‘Oh hey NK, how was your flight? He asked. ‘All good’ he replied and hugged him. ‘Chotey ap fresh hojayiye jaldi se chaye thandi ho rhi hay’ (Chotey hurry up get fresh the tea is getting cold) said Anjali di. He nodded and left for his room. 


Anjali di already had noticed some changes in her brother’s behaviour and it’s so obvious that why wouldn’t she investigate the reason behind it,more precisely the reason behind him always smiling these days. So, she thought if she’ll ask Khushi to make sweets she would automatically get to spend more time in shantivan. Di dialled Khushi’s number. On the other hand, Khushi was on her way home. She picked up the call. ‘Hello?’ she said. ‘Hello Khushi ji hum Anjali bol rahey hein’ (Hello Khushi ji Anjali talking) Di said. ‘Ji Anjaliji?’ (Yes, di?) she asked. ‘Woh Khushi ji humein ap sey kuch kaam tha kiya ap ghar asakti hein?’ (I wanted a favour from you could you pls come home?) she asked. ‘Par di hum tou abhi abhi wahin sey arhey hein? Koi zaruri kaam tha kiya?’ (But di I just came from there is it something important?) she asked.‘Kaam tou zaruri hay Khushi ji’ (Yes, it’s something important) Anjali insisted as she knew that Khushi won’t say no to her. ‘Acha chaley di hum atey hein’ (Okay I am coming) Khushi agreed. Di got excited and turned off the phone.


Khushi entered shantivan as she was looking for Anjali di in the living area she didn’t realise and again bumped into someone oh no not someone but Arnav ji who caught her and saved her from falling all along yellow flowers were showering onto them which previously were in Arnav’s hands. Both got lost in each other’s eyes. After some time, they heard Di coughing from behind them and they both got self-conscious and let go of each other. ‘Khushi tum theek tou ho?’ (Khushi are you alright?)  Arnav asked. Khushi nervously replied ‘Jee hum theek hein’ (Yes, I am fine). While all of this was happening Shyam was noticing the whole scene from stairs and getting jealous. He came down ‘Arey raani sahiba Khushi ji ko Nani bula rahi hein’ (Nani is calling Khushi ji) he said as he wanted to keep Khushi away from Arnav as possible. 


Khushi was in the kitchen making sweets for the whole family, when di came. ‘Arey khushi ji jaldi jaldi banayiye na apko ghar ja kar tayar bhi tou hona hoga’ (Khushi ji pls hurry up you also have to get ready) Di said. ‘Ji di bus hogaya’ (Yes, di it’s done) Khushi said. Di tasted it and she got lost init’s deliciousness ‘Wah Khushi ji ye tou bohot hi tasty hein’ (Wow khushi ji it’s so tasty) she exclaimed. Khushi smiled. ‘Acha di ab humein chalna chayiye’ (Okay di now I’ve to go) she said. ‘Arey ab tou raat hogayi hay ap akele kese jayen gi? Rukiye hum chotey ko bulatey hein’ (Now it’s night time how will you go alone, wait let me ask chotey) Di said. ‘Laad governor ke sath ghar?’ Khushi thought and she got nervous. ‘Nahe nahe di hum khud chaley jayen ge’ (No no di I will manage) she said. Just as when Anjal noticed Arnav passing by she stopped him and asked him to drop Khushi to her place. 

End of Chapter 1


Hope you liked it smiley27

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Chapter 2

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That was a great piece of writing for a first time. Good job! 

I absolutely love reading stories from the time before their forced marriage took place so this is gonna be a treat for me. 

Looking forward to read more : ) 


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Originally posted by Ayesha134

That was a great piece of writing for a first time. Good job! 

I absolutely love reading stories from the time before their forced marriage took place so this is gonna be a treat for me. 

Looking forward to read more : ) 


I greatly enjoyed this part of the show (Payash's wedding time) so i thought why not adapt those scenes and do some changes. BTW Thanks a lot smiley31smiley27

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Anjali is plotting to keep Khushi around Arnav while Shyam is plotting the reverse.

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Hope Shyam doesn’t make any problems awesome 

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Originally posted by coderlady

Anjali is plotting to keep Khushi around Arnav while Shyam is plotting the reverse.

Exactly smiley1 

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Originally posted by shiv456

Hope Shyam doesn’t make any problems awesome 

Let's see what's gonna happen smiley9 

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Hey guys i am back with another update keep reading and pls do share your comments

Enjoy reading... smiley2



They were in his car, 'Apko hamari wajah sey aney ki koyi zarurat nahe thi, hum khud ghar chaley jatey' (You shouldn't have to come because of me, I could have managed) she said making him annoyed. He was silently driving. 'Hey devi mayya kaheen dair na hojaye humein tou tayar bhi hona hay ghar ja ker' (Hey devi mayya what if I get late I also have to get ready) she started talking to herself. He closed his eyes and said 'Khushi tum chup chaap nahe beth sakti?' (Can't you stay quiet, Khushi?). 'Hum aur chup?' (Me and quiet?) she said with an O shaped mouth. 'Mujhay gari chalane main concentrate karne mein problem ho rahi hai so stay quiet, understand?' (I am having problem in concentrating so stay quiet) he ordered. She stayed silent for some seconds then again 'Hey devi mayya acha khasa ghar akeley chaley jatey magar ye Laad governor...' (Hey devi mayya it would've been better if I had left alone but this Laad governor...) she was interrupted by a sudden stop. 'Get out' he stated. She looked at him in shock. What? Then he pointed out. She turned and looked out, there she was in front of her house. She nervously got out of the car as she started moving forward she noticed that her dupatta is stuck somewhere. She turned around and found it stuck in the side of the seat. She tried getting it out but failed. He was looking at her all along. Then he stopped her by placing his hand on hers and released her pallu. She nervously put it back around her neck and went inside her house.

Everyone was busy in preparations. When Khushi entered her room, and found Payal who was sitting on the bed and busy contemplating. 'Jiji aj tumhari sagai hay aur tum ho ki yahan beth kar sochon mein ghum ho' (Jiji today is your engagement and you're sitting here and busy contemplating) said Khushi. 'Khushi tu agai sari tayariyan mukammal hein na?' (Khushi you came? Are all the preparations done?) Payal asked. 'Han jiji sab tayariyan mukammal hein, tum bas jaldi sey tayar hojao humein samay pe wahan pohunchna bhi hay' (Yes jiji all the preparations are done, you just get ready as we have to reach there on time) Khushi said. While Payal went to change Khushi took out a beautiful pink dress for herself. Both the sisters got ready on time.

'Haye rey nandkisor bahutt hi time lagati ho sanka devi' (Haye rey nandkisor you take too long sanka devi) Bua ji told Khushi. Bua ji praised Payal who was looking beautiful in her green dress. 'Chaliye ab humein chalna chahiye wahan sab hamara intezar kar rahe honge' (Okay now let's go they would be waiting for us) said Khushi. 'Chalo chalo' (Yeah let's go) said Bua ji. All of them including Amma and Bauji left for shantivan.

While everyone was busy in the event, Khushi met NK who was already looking at her and was busy thinking in figuring out who she is. 'Ap kuch kehna chahtey hein kya?' (Do you want to say something?) Khushi asked. 'Mein? Nayi tou' (Me? Nope) he got confused. 'Oh, yeah actually yes, ap wohi hein na?' (Oh, yeah actually yes, you are that girl, right?) he asked. 'Jo us din apse takra gayi thi?' (Who bumped into you that day?) Khushi completed his sentence. 'Yeah yeah wohi wohi' (yes yes that) he said. 'Jee hum wohi hein par ap kon?' (Yes, I am her but who are you?) Khushi asked. 'Hi, main Nand kishor short mein mujhay NK bulatey hein' (Hi I am nandkishor in short they call me NK) NK introduced himself. 'Acha tou matlab ap kaam waley nahe hein?' (Okay that means you are not that worker?) Khushi asked in surprising way. 'Mein? Kaam wala?' (Me? Worker?) NK too got surprised. 'Maaf kijiye ga us din humein laga kay ap shayad kaam waley hein sajawat ke liye aye honge woh apki phatti jeans dekh kar...' (Pardon me that day I thought you were some worker who was decorating the house. Actually, when I saw you in that ripped jeans...) she said. NK was amazed after listening all this. 'Kher, hum khushi hein Khushi kumari gupta, Payal hamari jiji hein' (Anyways, I am khushi Khushi kumari gupta, Payal is my sister) she introduced herself. Afterwards she noticed Arnav coming towards their direction 'NK tumhara introduction khatam hogaya ho tou jao tumhe Di bula rahi hein' (NK if your introduction is done then go Di is calling you) he interrupted. NK left giving an apologetic smile to Khushi while Khushi nodded.

Everyone gathered around Payal and Akash when the ring exchanging session begun. They all greeted them. Khushi was so excited that she didn't even realise Arnav ji is looking at her. No doubt she looked stunning in that pink dress and curly hair. He was interrupted by his phone call when he had to tear his eyes away from her and attend the call.

End of Chapter 2


Hope you all liked it smiley27

Chapter 3


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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 

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