Zara Nachke Dikha Season 2- Ep # 10 - Promo



Zara Nachke Dikha Season 2- Ep # 10 - Promo

Rakhi Sawant Abhishek Avasthi Zara Nachke Dikha  Star Plus 

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BluFate 2010-05-30T03:34:48Z i feel the choreography is bad...she did her part well.
anyways all the best aditi
smiley121 2010-05-28T23:32:29Z kapil looks hot n dashing. i luv aditi also hope she wins baazigar rnd.
r07c 2010-05-28T20:22:39Z @Additi I stated a fact, I was not saying she should start dancing Western in a sari, please don't assume or change my words around. Nothing against Aditi Gupta from me, I just didn't like her performance dancing and choreography wise (from what I saw and heard). The choreographers need to give her bollywood for her baazigar round
Jessica11001 2010-05-28T09:20:07Z i don't think the choreography was that bad.........i felt additi performed a little less.......this kind of performance requires lot of energy......she seems a little lazy to me.........but hope she saves her next week......
SILPA8 2010-05-28T08:43:02Z choreography for aditi dance sucks... i dint get one thing why girls choreography is such weak n boys always doing something new... cant girls choreographers bring new items... if aditi lost this then completely its not her fault
Abhi_2292 2010-05-28T08:04:40Z to be honest i dont think additi will make it, i hope she does cause i luv her but reality check, cant wait for aamir and siddesh performace it looks good, luv siddesh, cant wait to see the whole six pack abs lol
Ilovepie. 2010-05-28T04:37:54Z Aditi looks gorgeous!!! her performance looks good too cant wait! :))
--Mehak-- 2010-05-28T01:44:48Z Additi looks fabulous!!very stylish but then Boys team have great coreographers and they're even better than girls team!!i Wish girls could have gotten a better coreographer!!
XSilentPrayersX 2010-05-27T23:51:06Z @robinc07.....Do you expect Additi to wear a saree or lehenga and dance on that number......
r07c 2010-05-27T21:06:08Z Aditi's shirt is ripped...Sanjeeda looks so beautiful, very classy2010-05-27 21:09:37
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