When Helly Shah turns into Varun Kapoor and Varun Kapoor as Helly Shah...

4 years ago


Hit the play button and check out what happened when Helly Shah (Swara) became Varun Kapoor (Sanskaar) and when Varun turned into Helly for a role reversal. Don't forget to comment, share this video with your Friends. Show your appreciation by clicking Like on the video. If you want us to regularly post good video content than please support us by SUBSCRIBING to WassupTVShow: https://www.youtube.com/user/wassuptvshow For more content go to http://www.india-forums.com/ Follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/indiaforumsdotcom Follow us on twitter at https://twitter.com/indiaforums

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ria.april18 4 years ago This interview is so damn funny and cute...loved it to the core...Varun Kapoor and Helly Shah you two are immensely adorable...i love your cute friendly bond...keep rocking as swasan...stay blessed
PriyaRinki3 4 years ago Love the IV..Helly Shah & Varun kapoor..u both r so adorable Day Dreaming...Cute Bhukkad VaHe..HeartDay Dreaming2015-12-14 07:20:30
rimis 4 years ago that is uber cute.. already saw it more than 10 times.. thanks for such a lovely interview!

Varun Kapoor and Helly Shah you two are doing a fab job!
PriyaRinki3 4 years ago Varun Kapoor & Helly Shah..love u both Heart
vjctpt378 4 years ago N 4 ur kind info even helly did same with namish too b4 wer they exchanged their roles...they both als knws each other well...
simsen23 4 years ago Love u varun and helly...2 fine actors...n we love swasan...
vjctpt378 4 years ago Bakwaas because of these two fake love ragini ko negative dikhaya n now tejaswi quitting shw let's see how shw wil move on with out tejaswi
harininaidurao 4 years ago varun helly r soo cute loved it
love u VarunKapoor n Helly Shah keep rocking
thank uuu IF
arohijsp 4 years ago Very funny segment, Helly Shah and Varun Kapoor are adorable!
Rixety101 4 years ago Such a funny segment, lol. Helly and Sanskar know each other well.
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