Virendra and Chandrakanta SHARE memories | Chandrakanta | Life Ok

7 years ago


In Life Ok's show, Chandrakanta, Virendra and Chandrakanta spend some time together where they sharer their beautiful memories. Watch the video to know what all they share.

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naturesk @naturesk 7 years ago Viru is talking about his mom...I wonder ab Marich ki kio biwi thi kya? He probably killed her too since we see no ladies in Chunargarh
kaveriw2008 @kaveriw2008 7 years ago Wow awesome ...i m so excited to watch this on coming weekend
naturesk @naturesk 7 years ago Thanks for sharing. We would like to see more updates on life ok's chandrakanta at the forum. Loving this show and the leads.
Hina @hinz 7 years ago
Can't wait for this scene...thaks TB/IF
kamna @superdil19 7 years ago No doubt ChaVi is best but after watching segment i thought Krirav is more best love ChaVi
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