Tushar-Tejas, Vaibhav-Saksham & Anuradha-Jayshree’s Fun Conversation With India Forums

7 months ago


Super Dancer 3’s skippers Tushar Shetty, Vaibhav and Anuradha along with their contestant kids Tejas, Saksham, and Jayshree were roped in by India Forums and here we interacted with the Guru’s first. After this we did a Tag It segments with them & here it is After this the kids joined the guru’s and revealed each other’s secrets. We also asked the kids to have a dance battle have a glimpse, At last, the kids were joined by the skippers take a look at the first class dance. We hope you guys enjoyed this segment if you did do Comment and tell us. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to India Forums.

Super Dancer Chapter 3  Sony TV 

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