'Sapne Bhaye Hain' - Dekh Bhai Dekh

14 years ago


Song "Sapne Bhaye Hain" From The Film Dekh Bhai Dekh

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poonam_sinha @poonam_sinha 14 years ago i''ve been watching this song on t.v fallen in love my my my what a lovley song
poonam_sinha @poonam_sinha 14 years ago Fantastic Song.. lots of memories .. cant forget ever...... .. ..i bet if l listen.. this song when i am alone.. .. i could.. start getting romantic . ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm amazing crazy song
sexymonika @sexymonika 14 years ago awsome!!! sandra thats true, the song looks gorgeous...cant wait more....melodious song...loved it..
SANDRA27 @SANDRA27 14 years ago dis song is The Best
I can never forget it jus moves in ur head
Rest In Peace and listen to dis song

SANDRA27 @SANDRA27 14 years ago What an incredible song; if this one does not move you to tears, you have no soul. May you find the peace in the afterlife you were not able to find in this life . I LOVE THE SONG IT TAKES YOU TO ANOTHER LEVEL.
sexymonika @sexymonika 14 years ago SOOOOOOOOOOOOO precise... I think that whatever you think about the person who composed dis song, you have to respect his talent...  One of the greatest composer of coming time ....... a consummate entertainer.

i love the style of this song ohhhhhhhhh god what a treatment. wow, awesome song
shankarraja @shankarraja 14 years ago that was the most beauitful song ive ever heard
who ever is the music director you will always be doing greater and greater day by day ,
god bless your soul and your family.
i thing god has blessed you with this tune

. my hearty congratulations and blessings to you , can any one tell me who is the man behind this music ?? wowwww man what a great song
KUMAR23ONLINE @KUMAR23ONLINE 14 years ago This song forces to dream with open eyes. Really nice song to hear again and again. what a magic of the voice of RAHAT FATEH ALI KHAN !
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