Rudra And Shesha Plan Against Shivangi | Naagin 2 | Colors TV



In Colors Tv's show Naagin 2, Rudra and Shesha plan against Shivangi in order to get her truth out. Watch the video, to know more about this drama.

Kinshuk Mahajan Adaa Khan Naagin 2  Colors 

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moniluvskinshuk 2017-02-25T10:18:07Z Love u Kinshuk Mahajan . Love u always like forever <3 <3
vinnas 2017-02-24T21:20:06Z IF tagged very late original hero of this season.. kinshuk mahajan you just rockkks the role to its best. how is it possible for rudra to help sesha. lol he may die 100times but his love n lover shivangi will be always safe with him. rudra is other name for true love. he prove it watver .
it's gonna intresting game with Sesha. adaa is amazing
moniluvskinshuk 2017-02-22T12:55:07Z Kinshuk Keep Rocking as Rudra . Love u always <3 <3
cherrycooll 2017-02-22T00:17:09Z Thank you IF for tagging Kinshuk Mahajan! Rudra is the true soulmate of Shivangi. He's indeed a boon in her life from Lord Shiva. Rudra is always engaged in helping, guiding & taking care of Shivangi.2017-02-22 00:20:22
moniluvskinshuk 2017-02-21T12:36:38Z Rudra will never ever ditch his Love , his heart , his Life , his best friend Shivangi . DraShiv Forever <3 <3

Keep Rocking Kinshuk Mahajan !!
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