Reporters successfully completes 50 episodes



Hit the play button and check out how did Ananya aka Kritika Kamra and Kabir aka Rajeev Khandelval celebrated their success Don't forget to comment, share this video with your Friends. Show your appreciation by clicking Like on the video. If you want us to regularly post good video content than please support us by SUBSCRIBING to WassupTVShow: For more content go to Follow us on Facebook at Follow us on twitter at

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paagalbandar 2015-07-06T12:07:56Z awww...all are so cute...rajeev is the cutest hahaha :D complementing and all, so cute :)
maanshi 2015-06-27T11:45:49Z Congrats to the entire team of Reporters n Rajeev Khandelwal

MrDarcyfan 2015-06-27T03:29:39Z Reporters rocks! Loving the chemistry of Kritika and Rajeev. All the actors are doing a fantastic job, and the direction is superb as well. The story moves well and fast paced. Enjoying the current love track too. So far, no complaints from Reporters and hope the show continues to get more and more success! Good to see a logical and meaningful show. Congrats guys!
KKNkabirananya 2015-06-27T00:48:55Z Congrats to Reporters entire team for completing 50episodes.

Both Kabir & Ananya rocks.

Kabir & Ananya are doing great job, way to go.. Expecting more episodes.

Yes correctly mentioned by Kabir/ Rajeev Ananya/ Krithika is noted for her acting & performance apart from dress or other things she wear.

Few scenes to appreciate Kabir/ Rajeev's acting includes :-

Showing bracelet symbol to Ronnie in earlier episode.

Answering Questionnaire & hand over personally to Miss Kashyap.

Breaking Miss Kashyap Glass to escape from villain gang.

While talking in conference call from hospital you will easily make Manav shut his mouth.

Seating in your chair & talking to Malvika about bracelet..

All the best team for all your efforts.

2015-06-27 00:49:35
lavina.magrel 2015-06-26T09:07:00Z love this show and love the acting of Rajeev and Kritika. Just hope to see more than 130 episodes!!!!.2015-06-26 09:08:46
zinatf 2015-06-26T08:44:52Z LOVE REPORTERS to the core!!! Rajeev Khandelwal and Kritika Kamra you both ROCK as Kabir Sharma and Ananya Sharma!!!! It's no.1 show to me :D
rajeevkiijann 2015-06-26T06:25:22Z Rk u looking so cute
AND congratulation to the whole team of reporters
sirimiri 2015-06-26T05:54:28Z Congrats to the entire team of Reporters...
Rajeev khandelwal and kritika kamra rocks...
rajanigandha26 2015-06-26T03:27:25Z Congratulations Team Reporters on 50th episode. This show is amazing. Love Rajeev and kritika. They look so adorable. Brilliant actors. Wish reporters will get extension on the demand by fans. Nice video.
Mahi78 2015-06-26T03:14:51Z Lveing reporters, both Kritika Kamra and Rajeev Khandelwal are doing a great job as Ananya and Kabir.keep it up guys.
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