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8 years ago


Here is the public review of Sonam Kapoor and Shabana Azmi starrer Neerja.

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Amardas @Amardas 8 years ago Waiting to watch Neerja the unsung hero of our nation
AV25 @AV25 8 years ago Neerja is the best film of sonam kapoor in her career. Very inspiring story, worth telling. Great casting. Subtle comparison of her previous tumultuous marriage and the hijack situation was fabulous. Being a civilian Neerja bhanot's act of bravery is no less than a trained army man.
Shreya Patel @spate22 8 years ago Why do they even interview that nonsense old dude?! All films he sees is not good according to him!! LOL
mgarg75 @mgarg75 8 years ago I was in high school at that time. The day she died, she became a front page news all around the world. I still remember her pretty face from the front page of Hindustan times. I was amazed that how come such a beautiful girl became super heroine overnight. This movie will surely answer my questions.:)
Mandy @MrDarcyfan 8 years ago Well it was a good review. The guy who said that they didnt show any "fight scene" of Neerja was funny. Dude this is based on a true story. If she didnt do any fighting, they cant show her fighting in the movie. She was not a solider, but a civilian. I am sure she didnt know how to fight. Either ways, as an overseas viewer, I hope I get a chance to see this movie, coz the story of Neerja since I found out about it, is something I want to know more about. When she died I was too young to remember, but like that boy who gave comments said, it's amazing to get to see the story of people who are not known to us through history books. Neerja truly deserves all accolades, and to be frank the American's should have made a movie about her, considering she saved SO many lives of American citizens!
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