Prithvi & Damini In Love Ne Mila Di Jodi

13 years ago


Prithvi & Damini In Love Ne Mila Di Jodi - Promo

Chandana Sharma Gaurav Khanna Love Ne Milla Di Jodi  Star One 

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luv-prida 11 years ago prida luv u lot
miss u
plz b back
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kalpana123 12 years ago gaurav & chandana made for each other.gaucha forever.
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Damini3 12 years ago Mising lotz gaurav & chandana.gaucha my heart stopper couple. gaucha
come soon.Gaurav look complete wid chandana.gaurav & chandana both r truly equal & megical fav only gaurav & chandana.
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Loveprida3 12 years ago Love most hot gaurav & your damn gorgious & sexy wife chandana.plz come back wid chandana.gaucha is no1 hot & sexy couple forere.none can stand front of gaucha.gaucha is best.mising lnmdj & gaucha like hell.plz do more & more show together.
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Lovegauchalotz. 12 years ago Missing gaucha like hell.i love gaucha lotz.Gaurav & chandana mamorable one can beat their jodi.plz get together.we dying to see gaucha together.gaucha no1 hottest couple forever.
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...San-Yo... 12 years ago Gaurav is magical boy, he creates magic and mindblowing chemistry with his co-stars, but in this JODI it was both of them who created equal magic.
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Promish81 12 years ago Gk & cs megical guys.i m mising gaucha(prida) like hell.plz come together.dying gaucha like hell.
Gaucha forever.
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Najoredil. 12 years ago Chandana & gaurav realy damn gud looking n hot & acting talent mindblowing one can compare gaurav & chandana.both make awesome couple.
Mising gaucha like hell.
Plz come together,
i love gaucha lotz.
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Gauravchandana 12 years ago Gaurav n chandana make amazing rocking couple none else.mising gaucha like hell.plz do more n more show together.gaucha rock none else.
Gaucha forever.
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Pankajkumar45 12 years ago Gaurav & chandana no1 actore & actress none else.
Gaucha no1 rocking couple forever.
Mising gaucha like hell.
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