Pratyusha Banerjees parents reveal unsolved mystery of her death Part-01

7 years ago


The 24-year-old Balika Vadhu actress, late Pratyusha Banerjee, died under very mysterious circumstances. Pratyushas angry and upset parents beg for justice for their little princess and reveal some unsolved mystery about her death.

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riya_ss9 @riya_ss9 7 years ago I have no confidence in police, they are just parading themselves in their uniform.
Wonder why they are delaying this? Are they trying to protect the culprit, is he somehow related to them? I am just praying for her parents to have the strength to fight this.
Nataly @NatalyMusketeer 7 years ago It 's more than heartbreaking to watch Pratyusha's parents... they have lost their one and only child and this on such an tragically way... I know how Pratsie's mother had looked before this tragedy, now she is only an shadow yet... and now this shadow of an mother have to fight for the justice for her dead daughter, she must fight to remove the injustice which was done to her daughter... may God give to her and to her husband all of support he can give... may God help them to remove this injustice from their daughter...
zgvp @zgvp 7 years ago
Unfortunately I do not understand what her parents say ... But I know what they feel ... Nama greater grief than that :( I hope these people get justice from the court. But the court in India is unjust then God will intervene and will give justice. I hope Rahul to get his punishment!
Madhuri @Viswasruti 7 years ago Grieving parents' longing for justice is clearly visible in this video , each and every fan of Pratyusha is asking the same question , why police are lenient towards that murderer , why they are protecting him , is beyond our perception .
I wish the legal advisers should advise her parents to knock the door of High court for justice , the sessions court is not administering it's powers to nail the culprit in this case . Even lawyers and highly acclaimed individuals are there to testify , but police and court are not simply listening .
Praying justice for my our beloved Pratyusha .
Nataly @NatalyMusketeer 7 years ago Pratyusha hadn't done a suicide...she simply had no more money for the next daily dose of coke for that unfeeling monster called Rahul Raj Singh... moreover, she wanted to get rid of this slavery, she wanted to expose him but unfortunately, for this she have had to pay with her life... the Justice is slow but not unattainable... I pray, may God give a strenght to her parents to endure to the end...I pray, may God make clear to the Indian Judiciary that he sees and knows everything...nobody can hide from God, even not a Judiciary...
ahilajkula @ahilajkula 7 years ago
Dear parents, may God be with you in these difficult days without our Pratyusha.

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