Perneet Chauhan's Journey to Television



Perneet Chauhan's Journey to Television

Perneet Chauhan Love Ne Milla Di Jodi  Geet Hui Sabse Parayi  Star One 

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sabulovekaran 2013-01-29T23:52:54Z Miss perneet as avni gujral i love ur acting
Effervescent_R 2011-08-30T08:39:06Z thanx a ton TB...miss Perneet as Avni Gujral
Lily201 2011-08-08T04:33:21Z Miss her as Meera - but she seems like a nice,genuine person!!
Wishing her the best in life
anukrislavu 2011-08-07T23:25:27Z the interview was very nice and sweet. she is sweet person.

missing her as meera in geet...
-Juhi. 2011-08-06T23:27:17Z This is the best surprise eva perneet! Thank u so much for the interview IF. @perneet-wat to say abt u yaar u toh always rock! So happy to c ur interview!
Miss u alot Perneet! Hope to c u back soon! Perneet ur really awesum gal! Cant say it y bt i know u very well and wat u hav gone thru! But i wil always pray that u get all the love and happiness in this world...i love u cuz ur very genuine n pure at heart n down to earth! Stay like this foreva.!@ interaction wid us- v love u Perneet and v r very happy to have u wid us on fb! Even ur 1 post makes us happy! So plz stay in touch wid us :) wud love to have a nice chat wid u soon...
C u soon :D
love u loadz
SonarMeye 2011-08-06T08:46:06Z Loved u as Meera and the the positivity u brought in Dev's life. May be they will bring back Meera on GHSP. U were much better than Nandini with Dev.
mistyi 2011-08-06T08:41:51Z pLEASE COME BACK TO GHSP!!!!! WE miss you :p
Tiharika 2011-08-06T07:02:46Z I am badly missing u in GHSP, we want to see u back in GHSP, u totally rocked as Meera, please come back to GHSP :)
Mehek25 2011-08-06T00:00:06Z Perneet Missing u as Meera in GHSP. I hope the CVs can find a way to bring meera back into the show. Would love to see u back again.
karneetholic 2011-08-05T22:29:22Z da best part about u is u r so genuine n natural which is bound to come across to us...thanx 4 sharing ur first day of shoot.i loved da part when u said about avni''tu bilkul meri jaise hain xcept kam bolti hain'' btw we kno very little about u n want 2 kno more bout u.actually da more is u shud keep ur promise nd interact wid us more often
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