Mukta Is Back, Ashima & Manpreet’s Cat Fight | MTV Love School

11 months ago


Love School S4: The fight to Rise and Shine Reaches at its Peak, this week MTV Love School S4 is back with another exciting and spiced up episode this week. One of the most popular contestants of this season, Mukkta is back to create trouble in Africa & Sagar’s paradise, kissing Sagar as a bold move and leaving Africa in two minds about her relationship. Asheema, on the other hand, ill-treats Sunny, leaving Manpreet furious. Love Professors Karan-Anusha introduce the challenge to the 4 wild card contestants, called ‘dead man walking’ - where the contestants who have challenged will be playing against each other in a head on race having different levels. From commando crawl to pulling a drum to breaking tube lights, this challenge has it all. Amidst this challenge, the contestants get into an ugly spat commenting on each other’s personal lives. It would be interesting to see which contestant crosses the line of sanity. To watch the drama unfolding, tune-in to Love School S4, every Saturday at 7pm only on MTV.

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