Mohammad Nazim At First Cut & Music Launch Of Film Plot No.666



Watch Avinash Sachdev ,Rashmi Desai,Ajaz Khan, Rajeev Khandelwal at the first cut and music launch of the talented actor Mohammad Nazim's debut film Plot No. 666

Rajeev Khandelwal Avinash Sachdev Rashami Desai Mohammad Nazim

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___PARI___ 2014-09-22T07:42:21Z My greetings to a wonderful n amazing actor!!
U r our hearthrob...!!

Mohammad Nazim you bring in your exceptional talent and expressions in every scene and make it just perfect, nobody else is even worth a look when you are onscreen !!
keep smiling and rocking hero...!!

devina22 2014-08-12T17:43:41Z Avinash Sachdev awesome acting with mind blowing expressions live you as Shlok
Mili.. 2014-08-12T12:22:18Z Avinash Sachdev you are an amazing actor
You rock as shlok in is pyar ko kya nam do --Ek bar phir
deepa1122 2014-08-11T03:31:43Z Avinash Sachdev loved you as Dev Ishaan and love you now as Shlok Agnihotri u are a gifted actor
mayabharathi 2014-08-10T09:55:13Z Avinash Sachdev, God Bless You, keep rocking and stay happy and safe.
deepa1122 2014-08-10T05:30:50Z Yes very exciting for Avinash Sachdev he is a brilliant actor hope to see him in Bollywood one day
sonia871 2014-08-09T23:38:23Z the best thing is that avinash sachdev mentioned here...commenting for him...
maya-kk 2014-08-09T22:35:37Z What a great performance you ate giving now a days as sol agnolotti
mayabharathi 2014-08-09T21:01:17Z Avinash Sachdev you have always given great performances be it cb or ebp
Mili.. 2014-08-09T16:18:00Z Avinash Sachdev not only ard you a great tad lent bug also a good guy
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