March 28 2009 - Movie Reviews of Ek, Videsh & Aa Dekhe Zara

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Movie Review of Ek The Power of one, Videsh & Aa dekhen Zara

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Sam @Naughty_n_nice 14 years ago Umm, there was no information about the story or anything to do with the film. So we don''t really know whether to watch the movie or not. We can only base it on the opinion of random people from the theatre. I think it was vague :)
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Archana @Girl_2007 14 years ago wow! this is a really great and original idea =D
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Dark Love
Madiha @Dark Love 14 years ago good idea! ek & videsh, views were quite clear. i personally thought the aa dekhen zara reviews weren''t good enough, i want to know if the movie is worth a watch, two of the guys said bips looked nice, (um, i''m a girl, wanna watch for the story not for bips) while the girls'' reviews were kinda eh.
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dmgSallu @dmgSallu 14 years ago i have a feeling that videsh had bad reviews because audience is not ready for such realism films yet!
like one of the guy said too technical to understand for some....... critics i''m sure are going to appreciated the film.... where as audience won''t...most of the audience where middleage and oldies...youngsters from 30 an dunder will understand bette i reckon!
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dmgSallu @dmgSallu 14 years ago this is farrr better gr8 idea!
but sometimes i dont mind a written review...though it can be very opiniated at times..i think if bolycurry team can caryy this on as well as written reviews will cool!
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bhool gayi! :| @mango 14 years ago great idea, bollycurry team!....i love it!!.....

the looks on their faces says it we can decide for ourselves if it''s worth it or''s better than the biased opinion of severals critics!
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Vijay Bhatter @vijay 14 years ago

Thanks to our Bollycurry team for bringing the movie reviews directly from the viewers who have seen it. Now I can check out janta''s take on the movie and one can clearly make out how the movie going to fare. And I am sure with every week it will improve.

Dear members we would love to hear your suggestions and feedbacks so please do leave your comments on what you would like to see/hear in these audience reviews.

Vijay Bhatter
Founder -
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